Caramel Learning To Live Again

I have been working on a new series of posts which I am going to publish next week.

I started writing about a subject I that I have kept suppressed within me for a long time. Not the night I was the victim of a crime, not the year I spent with family recovering from my injuries and the trauma of what had happened – but the six months after that. My first six months back in London.

Let me tell you – they were pretty terrible really. I did not realize how much that was the case at the time. As I have been writing about those six months, I have felt rather horrified at how incredibly vulnerable I was at that time.

I am much stronger now. I pity that woman who was trying to get back on her feet but had some horrible challenges to deal with. I am going to publish some of the experiences I had to deal with. When you read them, you might scratch your head at my reaction to the challenges I faced. But please remember that I am relating to you how an extremely vulnerable me acted – not the me I am now.

The two years before I was attacked (during which I was teased, taunted, shunned, essentially bullied and eventually maliciously slandered) had crushed my self-confidence. The year after I was attacked sheltered me from the world outside and I lost a lot of my ability to deal with challenges. I have been reading back the posts I have completed so far and it really is strange to realize the depth of my vulnerability then. But in some ways – I had to get through that awful achey shaky breaky period to develop some strength again.

Starting with my first job back in London, next week I am going to publish one post a day in the series:


19 thoughts on “Caramel Learning To Live Again”

      1. I feel as though some of my posts are so bizarre. When all is said and done…it’s just life. Everyone has their own way of learning, coping , and expressing it into words, but we’ll see! 😳 I’ll be reading them for sure!

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    1. I have scheduled one post for each day starting from Monday. Monday sets the scene really…but the next three days (especially Thursday) really paint a picture of the challenges I was facing and was really not ready for.

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  1. Vulnerability is so far from a weakness. Writing about this chapter in your life is far beyond courageous! I’m so proud of you. I’m lookin forward to hearing more of your story. Biggest warmest hugs!

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    1. It’s looking back at how I dealt with challenges during a time I was very vulnerable. I wonder what on earth was I thinking? Why I didn’t rely on friends and family more? Why I tried to deal with challenges on my own? And why on earth I tolerated a situation for so long when normally I would not have stood for it?
      The post I have scheduled for Thursday is especially upsetting to me. But I am glad I have written it…and now I can forget it.


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