Novus Lectio Has Nominated Me For The Sunshine Blogger Award

I will admit that Novus has posed me some very thought-provoking questions and I have taken my time over answering them to try to do them justice. Novus is very deep – me thinks!

But it has left me feeling upbeat and positive about what I need to do in my own life to make sure sunshine makes it mark on each day of my life, even during the darkest days.

Take a look at the Sunshine Blogger Award that Novus herself published:

sunshine blogger 3

The Rules

  • Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link back to their blog so others can find them. -THANK YOU NOVUS!
  • Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you.
  • Nominate 11 other bloggers and ask them 11 new questions.
  • Notify the nominees about it by commenting on one of their blog posts.
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo on your post and/or your blog site.

Questions From Novus Lectio

What would you do if you knew that today is the end of the world?

I just kind of hope I am not on my own, but with someone I love and trust. I don’t believe the end of the world would mean the end of the planet. In fact it’s on record “I will bring to ruin those ruining the earth.”

The end of the world is the end of the corrupt agencies that dominate and influence society today. Soon there will come a point when all on earth will have to make decisions over whether they want a corrupt system to continue dominating and ruining this earth, a world that allow extremes in wealth and depraved poverty. Or are they for a trustworthy government that cannot be corrupted and will care for this earth and all of it’s inhabitants properly? That is what the end of the world is. Out with the corrupt.

Although the end result is wonderful, before then there is a marked period of trouble on a scale never seen before – this corrupt world will turn on itself and there will be a lot of damage caused. This period will be the most difficult time in human history but it will proceed the best era mankind has ever experienced. But for those who know why this is happening – surely it will help them to endure and to stay out of the conflict, and not be influenced by the fervent propaganda at this time.

in better handsA fresh start for the inhabitants of Planet Earth – learning to live in harmony with our home planet. Making sure all parts of it flourish and all life thrives. Our planet in better hands – a trustworthy form of governing this planet so that all are happy and healthy and at peace. Same planet but in every respect a  new world, one in which there is no corruption, war, abuse, cruelty and deceit. A new education system, justice system. A world in which everyone is of value.

There will be a lot of work to do, to restore the damage. No magic wand is going to be waved. All will be involved in the biggest clean up project the earth has ever seen.

And then…then and only then, with the earth more like the beautiful home it was intended to be, something spectacular occurs. It is my favourite part of the entire scriptures. The restoration of life to all who have died (except those so wicked, the Creator chose to eliminate from his memory) is surely the most exciting event in the human history – tears of joy on a scale never seen before. The Creator is not going to wake people up while the world is dominated by corruption. That will happen once he earth is cleaned up and the earth is a stable peaceful home for all.

I think there are many who are longing for a fresh start for this earth and it;s inhabitants – the end of the “world” of corruption, injustice, wickedness – even though it will be a turbulent end – it makes way for much better times.

Does God have a place in your daily life?

I have no doubt at all that there is a Creator. I have read so much about physics and science and have so many friends who are scientists and are convinced that there has to be an intelligent mind behind our existence. I think a lot of religions are alienated from the Creator though – as manifest by their doctrines and their practices. I think that our Creator wants to have a friendship with each of His creatures.

I talk to Him and I have read the scriptures many times. I can’t fail to sense the tremendous appeal of a Father to his children. It’s clear that the way we act can make us more appealing to our Father or can alienate us. The same with a human father. I know that even within my own family, the choices, persistent habits, behaviour of each of us has effected the feelings of my parents. How can it not?

I know when my conscience is telling me I am pleasing my heavenly Father. I can sense that He is smiling. I am also aware that there are times I am getting it wrong. But I sometimes feel I need help to understand what I am doing to hurt Him. Sometimes it’s hard to decipher between my conscience and my emotions and my tiredness. Does that make sense?

I am sure help is out there. It’s funny that when I am feeling most sad and lost, I always seem to pass these beautiful happy people who are all over London with their displays have offered me their pamphlets. They are such a breath of fresh air to read. They have helped me to understand things so much more clearly. At times I feel as if I am drowning in my own mind with my worries and concerns and pain, and reading something so logical and clear is like a lifebelt.

I know they have said in the past they do a Bible course. It’s something I would love to say I could commit to – it’s just that sometimes life and work are all over the place. But that’s a bit silly isn’t it? I make time to speak to every member of my family. I make time to do other things that keep me healthy  and clean. I MAKE time. I think that I need to prioritise my time more carefully and MAKE time for feeding myself with what I know helps me tremendously.

maria von trapp 2bridget hones 1I sometimes feel my heavenly Father is pointing out where I would find help with the confusion I have at times about what I should not be doing or what I should be doing. I am convinced He is like any good human Father (only better of course) and wants me to be happy and healthy. I do want to please Him truly. I want to be like Maria Von Trapp…but apparently I am more like Bridget Jones (although as I have mentioned before, I have never seen the Bridget movies).

In the same way I want my human parents to be proud of me and feel happy with my decisions and habits – of course I want my heavenly Father to feel that way. I am aware that sometimes I am like that naughty girl who disappoints her father. Now you might laugh at the idea of me comparing myself to a naughty girl – but if any of you are parents – when you teach your children, it’s not because you want to make a perfect robot who never makes a mistake. You love your child and you want them to be happy, healthy and safe. I think sometimes, I need to listen more carefully to my heavenly Father. I am sure there are times that He must be worried.

Years ago, one of my own siblings decided they wanted to spend less and less time with the family. They engaged in heavy consumption of alcohol and used tobacco and other substances my parents could never approve of. They chose to move away and pursued their goals of wealth and fame. They were successful in achieving those goals.

For some time this particular sibling seemed to look down on my parents and some of the rest of the family who had a more modest way of life. Of course my parents were sad, as the rest of us where. My parents rang on a regular basis to keep the lines of communication open. I wrote to my sibling, although I never heard back directly. Although they often told my parents to thank me for my latest letter.

But in all honesty it was apparent my sibling had chosen to distance themselves from the family. But then my sibling made a very serious mistake. I don’t want to go into detail. But their world came crashing down.

The next few years have been interesting. At first it was clear my sibling was ashamed. Then once they started to receive some professional help, my parents received letters from my sibling expressing all the ways they felt let down from childhood onwards. I have to tell you, the rest of us were scratching our heads wondering how our sibling could possibly feel that about our parents, but we did not interfere, we let our parents deal with it in their own way. I wrote a letter to my sibling to express that although I did not have the same view of our parents, they had every right to express themselves and I felt that actually it was important, because for many years there had been virtually no communication from them, so none of us had any idea how they felt.

But things have changed dramatically. There is a very moving story in the scriptures about a son who turns his back on everything his Father had taught him and goes off and ruins himself. When at last he comes to his senses, his father welcomes him with open arms – and you just know his father is going to help him to get back on his feet.

As my sibling has made changes to their habits and lifestyle, the communications have changed. Recently my sibling wrote a rather beautiful letter expressing their gratitude towards my parents for all of their support in recent years and saying that actually the happiest memories they have are from family life at home. My sibling stated that their unhappiness started when they wanted to do things my parents could not approve of. When my sibling removed them-self from the family, they were free to do as they pleased, but it led to damage and heartbreak.

I will say this, my sibling is back on the road to being happy and healthy – which is all our parents would ever want for us. That’s what all of us have wanted for my sibling – for them to feel happy and be healthy.

I am sure that there must be many times when our heavenly Father is so sad to see the decisions we make and longs for us to communicate with Him and seek His guidance. He wants us to be happy and healthy and to thrive on this beautiful planet He designed as the perfect home for humans.

I know I would only be happier and healthier if I were to make more time to make sure I am doing what pleases Him.

Do you agree with Trump’s choice to feed his hosts with McDonald’s food?

I will be completely honest, I don’t know what this question refers to? Did the President of the USA stay over at someone’s home and decide to treat them to a McDonalds? Was this event in the news? The BBC news? If so, it has escaped my notice.

I will say this, and I do not mean this disrespectfully, but what he or his acquaintance choose to eat is of no interest to me. His culinary choices are of little consequence don’t you think? A man has to eat. If he wants to eat fast food – that’s his choice.

I am a vegetarian – I rarely eat of McDonalds fare myself – I think when I have been with a group of friends who wanted to buy something there I have eaten some kind of vegetarian burger or wrap.

But in general – neither the president of the USA nor McDonalds are on my radar in any way!

Ketchup or Mayo?

Mayo! Love it.

I should never buy it – but is does keep jumping from the supermarket shelves into my shopping basket. I never have it with salad. But if I am on my lonesome, I would happily add a dollop of mayonnaise to almost any meal – which is probably shameful – but I love it! Is that really gross? I do apologise. I only do it at home on my own – never ever in front of anyone else. Not even my family see my absurd use of mayonnaise!

It probably is just piling on calories onto my plate and extra padding to my hips. But there is something so yummy about it.

Are you afraid of the dark?

Not really. Not the dark itself.

I feel nervous in London when it is dark and I am walking back to the little nest and there don’t seem to be many people around. I do feel nervous walking down a more isolated street in the dark. It makes me very tense. It is one reason why I find winter hard. It was dark at 4 o’clock in the afternoon in December. It is growing a little lighter each day now.

But if I am somewhere where I feel safe, the dark is not a problem at all. I don’t like bright lights because they give me a sharp pain in my head.

What do you worry about most?


I suppose my family. They are all fine. It’s just that after I was attacked, they were very upset – which I understood. I have just never seen that level of upset. In some respects I think I found it easier to let go of my feelings about that night than they have.

They have worried about me ever since due to the side-effects of my head injuries. I worry about how it would effect them if I did die. That sounds so morbid I know. But, this possible “ticking time-bomb” as one Doctor called it, is a worry until my CT scans show the Doctors something they can do something about. I am not afraid of death itself. But I can’t bear to think of my family suffering pain.

IMG_20180722_123051 (2)I am a bit worried at the moment because I need to have a proper conversation with Goldfinch about “things”. I have tried to prepare him by dropping a few hints in text messages. But I need to be open with him. I work long hours Wednesday, Thursday, Friday – so it is going to have to wait until the weekend. I worry about hurting him, or being a burden to him. I never ever wanted to be a burden to him and I am petrified that he might feel some regret.

What is “It” if I tell you “Hold it there”

The prefect pose? I am so terribly un-photogenic. I would love a professional photographer to take the perfect photo!

crimewatch.jpgI always look rather tipsy (when I am most certianly not). My photos seem to resemble “Crimewatch” line up photos. For some reason cameras really do not like me!

Nobody seems to be able to capture me at my smiley best.

So if if someone could do a photoshoot with me and had the patience to take a million photos and try to catch me smiling and looking wide awake rather than delirious I would be delighted.

4 things that you do before taking a trip

  • Buy my tickets (paper copies)
  • Pack my suitcase
  • Check check and check again I have my passport/visa/tickets
  • Research the area I am going to, deciding where to visit and obtain local currency etc

This question just makes me thinks of how much I would love to do those things and go and see my gorgeous Goldfinch in Adelaide, Australia! But it would be a very difficult expedition at the moment.

Did you ever leave something important behind?


All the time! On buses and trains, in the cars of my friends, in all sorts of venues I have visited during social events.

I have spent more money on umbrellas than I have clothes.

Are you righty or lefty?

I am a righty.

Pretty useless with my left hand. Except, I eat the wrong way round. I use my left hand to hold my knife. I have a story to explain why that it is so. But it is too long to tell here. It’s all a miscommunication between my Dadda and me.

Am I cool?

Who? Me – Crushed Caramel – or you Novus Lectio?

coolNovus – you seem pretty cool to me. You seem to be utilizing platforms for blogging and know what you are doing with social media.

You host the Swimmers group for bloggers which we love. That is super cool!

I am sure many other bloggers would agree with me that you are one cool chick!

As for me – well I am just too old to worry if anyone thinks I am cool or not.

However, I will share this. I was out at the weekend. I was wearing a navy knee-length dress and a little navy bolero over my shoulders. I noticed I had a few stares from men at the venue and a bit more attention from a couple of the guys in our party. At the time, I just assumed it is because they know Goldfinch has gone so they consider me as back “on the shelf” and also…I must admit, I have lost a little weight since Goldfinch left – have not always felt like eating…and I have had a couple of weeks were I have not been able to keep my food down…so I am looking a little leaner than I do usually.

Anyway, one of my female friends told me I looked “smokin hot”! So – am I cool? I have no idea. But apparently at the weekend, I was “smokin hot”. Right now in my fleecy pyjamas and bed socks I am completely uncool and not remotely hot either. But you have to be allowed your rough moments.

Questions For My Nominees


My Nominees

18 thoughts on “Novus Lectio Has Nominated Me For The Sunshine Blogger Award

  1. Hey Mel !

    I have a dear friend who always surprise me with her long well designed answers. I thought that it was only her but I guess I have a second friend who has the same skills!
    Thank you for answering them, was very glad to read your answers.
    Actually last week Trump invited a group of famous basketball llayers at the white house. And as there is a “shutdown” of employees at the white house he didn’t have any cokks available to serve them food, so he ordered 1000 hamburgers, chips, salads, nugets… From McDonald’s! It seems that he didn’t think about the drinks as there weren’t any on the table. One thing for sure, the players weren’t happy.

    I loooove mayo too, with most of things, such as hamburgers, chips, avocado, shrimps….

    I don’t like to be in the dark for long, weird ideas come to my mind

    I’m lefty
    Actually you seem to be pretty cool and you surely were in that dress

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Novus. Really interesting questions.

      I keep my mayo addiction secret from my friends and even my family. But I was out for a meal recently with some friends and one of them absolutely smothered their food with mayo from those little sachets! I could not believe she would do that in front of everyone else.


  2. Congratulations on your nomination! Great answers! Thank you for the nomination! I will get to work on my answers to your questions!

    Liked by 1 person

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