Glad To Be Sad

I think I have mentioned before that when I met Goldfinch he only expected to be here for three or four months. In the end I had thirteen and a half months with him.

I replied to a comment from the lovely Jay-lyn, the creator of The Wonderful and Wacky World of One Single Mom yesterday. She is so lovely and supportive of what I am going through with my emotional ups and downs about the departure of Goldfinch.

I just want to make it clear, I had a long time to think about what was best for both Goldfinch and I. I had an amazing year with him. I have been deeply happy. But I had a lot of factors to think about. I knew he wanted to go home to Australia. I also know he has a lot of energy for life and there are lots of things he wants to do. I knew my limitations. I was mostly concerned with what was best for him. I am happy with my decision.

Yes, I am sad, as I have mentioned, and that will last for some time. Yes, I miss him, and will go on missing him. But the thing is – I am happy. I am happy to have had a wonderful year with him. I am happy he is home in Adelaide, Australia.

So when I write about Goldfinch…and I am sure there will be more posts, don’t worry about me. Don’t be overly sad about me. I am writing to celebrate the wonderful year I have had with him. Writing about him is a way of honouring him and putting on public record that he has brought a lot of wonderful into my life. The sadness at being without him – that’s entirely natural. However, thank you for all of your support and wonderful comments! You are all so sweet!

I remembered a line to a song that I think expresses my feelings best:

❤ “…I even feel glad,

just to be sad,

thinking of you…” ❤


10 thoughts on “Glad To Be Sad”

  1. Let me confess that I feel the same way as you sometimes. Sad. Yet glad to be sad. Been there done that. Absolutely no regrets. Whatever I did I put my hundred percent and most importantly it was all very genuine on my side. So once again absolutely no regrets.
    Thank you for this post. It’s good to read.

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    1. That’s the thing about unselfish love – even if it doesn’t work out the way you may have dreamed, there is still that residue of satisfaction and reward because unselfish love brings out the best of you and is a delicious way to exist.

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  2. I get it. He didn’t lie to you, so you made your choice freely with all the facts. This is entirely different from many if not most heartbreak situations.


    1. From the night we met, I knew he was going home. The length of time meant we had chance to develop a wonderful relationship. It did make it harder to see him go, but my love for him became so much deeper – I just wanted him to be happy.

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