There Is Only One Square Left

When Goldfinch came here before his flight to Adelaide, Australia, he brought a couple of things he had cleared out of his kitchen cupboards and wondered if I would like them.

One of the items he brought was a bar of Finn Carr Milk Chocolate Fruit and Nut. Now normally I am a complete chocolate snob! I like dark chocolate. I like it to come from a chocolatier. I have good reason to be a chocolate snob. It means I hardly ever buy chocolate, thus helping me not to overeat what would only end up widening my hips.

But the bar of bar of chocolate that Goldfinch cleared from his cupboards and gave me – well, I don’t think I have ever enjoyed a bar of chocolate more than this one. I have tried to make it last for as long as possible. It has cheered me up to open my kitchen cupboard and see it. Every time I have had a square I have thought of him and felt so happy. But now…there is only one square left.

Aaaaaah sigh!



13 thoughts on “There Is Only One Square Left”

  1. Yeah…. everything ends.
    I’ve seen once in that you can mix the chocolat or candies with water. Maybe ypu can melt it in water or coffee, at leat you’ll have it for longer.

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    1. I at that last square late last night. I looked at it and told myself that my relationship with Goldfinch is not a bar of fruit and nut milk chocolate. The last square does not mean he is gone forever. I can still show love from 10,100 miles away. I will find ways.


        1. My bee has been pinched by someone else. So I wanted to act quickly to differentiate my site from there’s.
          I am going to look through my own photos and find something else to use…I just wanted to make sure that the other blogger and me have different profile images. We are not alike. I am not willing to have the same profile image as the content of our sites are very different.

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            1. Tis the internet Sadje – far worse has been done. I was a little upset when I saw what had happened, but you know what – they can have the bumble bee – it was a bumble bee biscuit (one of two) I bought for Goldfinch and me. They can have the bee, but I am going to find something else to make it clear we have no connection.
              Just one of those things.

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                1. Thank you – might try to find something a bit more caramelli – I don’t know…I am struggling to decide.
                  I don’t want to stick my own face up there – probably lose all my readers!!!
                  Maybe my little glass frog, or my lovely wellington boots. I have no idea. I might even throw the question out to others with some options so I can get some feedback about which profile picture to go with.

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