And Now You Rest In Peace

This dreadful poem

(I can only apologise for my pathetic attempts at writing poetry)

is inspired by Jack

– who is still alive and kicking by the way:

Ever the benevolent

Forthright and daring

Always so noble

Applauded as caring


They knew not of your heart of stone

Tales of snuffed out romance you did not want told

Afraid that a woman may distract you

Hardening your resolve, letting your own blood run cold


Only I really knew you

Why you put valour and volunteering before all

I will honour you forever

My love will never fail, my regard will never fall


You have lived without luxury or comforts

And now you rest in peace

Their thoughts of your good deeds will fade

But my love will never cease

25 thoughts on “And Now You Rest In Peace”

  1. Please don’t be hard on yourself. Its really a good poem, honoring someone very special. May I know a bit more about the character for whom you wrote this one? Thank you

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    1. Thanks Amir.
      I always loved reading lengthy epic novels at school and writing lengthy essays on them – but I just never settled with poetry. So I do consider it a weakness.
      I end up spending so much time counting the syllables in each line and trying to make it rhyme – it just takes all the pleasure out of writing for me.

      Jack is my ex-flatmate. I have written a number of posts about him. On my site there is a section called THE STORM IN A TEA CUP SERIES, with most of the posts about how trouble started with him. I still have many more posts I need to finish explaining fully the situation that developed between he and I.

      It’s long and complicated!

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      1. True poetry is not what rhymes best. Its what reaches the deepest depths of soul and wraps us all around it like this one did at least for me. Jack is a lucky guy, do tell him that from me ๐Ÿ™‚ hugs!

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    1. Thank you – I must if I just sit down and try to write a poem – I am hopeless. But when something inspires me, it is so much easier for the thoughts to flow out.
      Thank you for your kind comment ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. This is a good poem- the first stanza is spot on and rolls right off the tongue.
    Sharing your writing with others is like sharing your true self in a relationship: Be Confident!


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