Bad Bad Bad Bad Boy… You Make Me Feel So Good

IMG_1345As it is my last Sunday with Goldfinch in England, I have been hoping for a romantic theme for today’s SONG-LYRIC-SUNDAY.

The theme turns out to be: BOYS!!!…

…as you can see in the original post from Helen Vahdati, the creator of This Thing Called Life One Word at a Time:

Please feel free to get involved. Pick a song on the theme of “BOYS” and pingback to Helen’s original post!

So this instantly brought to my mind a song which has cheered me up! It is so much fun! Just this week I shared it with another blogger who expressed appreciation for Gloria Estefan.

The first time I heard this song was many years ago when I watched the movie “Three Men And A Baby“. I have included the opening scene to the movie with my song of choice for today below. I loved the way this movie and it’s sequel “Three Men And A Little Lady” started.

I hardly ever hear this song on the radio, and I am not sure why. I think it needs more air time – well, over here in England anyway. We love a bit of fun from the past!

There seem to have been two videos made for this release by Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine. The first one I have included is in the style of the musical “Cats” (rather kinky cats!:

Bad boy, bad boy
Boys will be boys
Always get so restless
Nothin’ but trouble
Leave me feelin’ breathless
Nothin’ but trouble

Bad, bad, bad, bad boy
You make me feel so good
You naughty bad, bad, bad, bad boy
You make me feel so good
Knew you would

The way you hold me tight
You get me so excited
You do me oh so right
My heart goes beat beat, beat beat
Beat beat

Bad, bad, bad, bad boy
You make me feel so good
I want you bad, bad, bad, bad boy
You make me feel so good
Knew you would

Boys will be boys, bad boy, bad boy
Always get so restless
Nothin’ but trouble
Leave me feelin’ breathless
Nothin’ but trouble

And when he drives me home
I feel safe at night
He’ll call me on the phone
It goes ring, ring, ring
Ring-a-ring ring

Boys will be boys, bad boy
Bad boy, boys will be boys
Bad boy, bad boy
Always get so restless
Nothin’ but trouble
Leave me feelin’ breathless
Nothin’ but trouble.

PERFORMED BY: Gloria Estafan and Miami Sound Machine

SONGWRITERS: Larry Dermer, Joe Galdo, Rafael Vigil

There is another video for the song, which I can only find a shortened video of:

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye

There are so many words to say…

…many of them I will keep between me and my beloved Goldfinch. I will say a lot to him, but I have also poured out my heart to him in a letter. I wish I had taken a photo of it…hold on, it is not too late. I could open the envelope, and if I damage it, which I probably will, I have other envelopes.

But all is leading up to that one word –


Could Someone Please Tell Me How On Earth To Say Goodbye To The Man You Are Head Over Heels In Love With?

How do you feel about the following word: FLASHMOB???

If you are not sure what that means – and please be assured it is not remotely rude – there are videos below which will explain it all! I have seen scores of such videos, but if you have never seen one before, prepare to be enthralled!

It’s essentially about surprising people by breaking out into a carefully planned and choreographed routine of singing or dancing. Or on other occasions it is a a team of classical musicians who deliver an incredible show for the public. But the most memorable flashmobs have taken place at very busy transport stations – airport terminals, major train stations, public shopping areas.

Love it or hate it – I have been part of a flashmob myself and I think it is absolutely amazing! A friend of mine Darren, was travelling back to Africa, after losing his beloved wife to cancer.

The entire infirmary team and special invited guests gathered for a goodbye for Darren. We had been practising a flashmob routine of the song “In The Jungle, The Mighty Jungle“. It went perfectly. We were so impressive, we were asked to do it again at a large event a few weeks later.

We have done a “Sound Of Music” flashmob too! And a Bollywood flashmob. Honestly, they are so much fun!

I did think about surprising Goldfinch with a flashmob at Heathrow airport! Yes, seriously. Some of my friends thought it was a great idea and I have plenty of contacts who I am sure would help me out.

However, I have had so little time with Goldfinch this past month, that I don’t want anyone else to intrude on my time with him. In addition, there is the possibility that Goldfinch might have hated it!

I just want to be on my own with him and be able to whisper sweet nothings into his ear and hold his hand tightly right up to the moment I am forced to let go.

I want to dance with him at London Marylebone station when he arrives and I want to dance at Heathrow with him. I don’t need a team of dancers with me. I just want to hold him close and somehow communicate how wonderful he is and how happy he has made me.

Oh dearie! Goodbyes are so hard!

I think I need to watch these flashmob videos myself to cheer myself up:

So hopefully. the video above gave you an idea. However, if you are still not convinced, take a look at how the Belgians approach flashmob. The two videos below are amongst my favourite flashmob scenes.

I don’t know what the Belgians put in their tea, but they seem to be the leaders in flashmobism.



Everyone Kept Saying That I Had To Let You Go… I Love You, You’re The Love Of My Life

I am so so sad that Goldfinch is leaving. Oh I can’t tell you!

But what I am finding very very hard, and annoying too…is that this impending departure is stirring up everything in my heart to do with Jack. I keep on thinking about Jack, when more than ever I want to think of Goldfinch, and only Goldfinch.

That’s what happens when your heart has never really healed. It interferes with other relationships, other goodbyes.

It’s amazing that despite all the joy that Goldfinch has brought me, and the fact that it is very sad and very hard having to say goodbye … it’s the deep grief about the rift between Jack and I that is dominant still. Feelings of sadness over anything trigger memories of Jack and the deep sadness he stirred within me. That’s a brain malfunction isn’t it!

martini.jpgAll week I have been battling memories of Jack and everything that happened between us. I keep on thinking about the cocktail party I walked into only to find that there was only one other woman beside myself and three men including Jack. I was alarmed, why were there so few people there? Both of the other two men (Benny and Tom) had asked me out in recent months. I mentioned them in another post actually:

 I had been to the Royal Albert Hall with both of them on separate occasions.  I had been out for dinner many times with one of them. We were good friends, and we had worked together on many projects. The other I had worked with on a fraud case – we both worked in accounts for many years. He liked classical music, he took to me to a few recitals. I had known both of them long before I ever met Jack. They were both flirting with me. I think the vermouth was making them both giddy. I was so uncomfortable. I kept on looking at Jack, trying to make it clear how unwanted the attention was. I wanted to be sitting next to him. I wanted attention from him.

Jack was being an oaf at the time! For weeks, he kept on making sly comments about me being all the boy’s favourite. I had not been involved with anyone since I had met Jack. I had been out for a drink or a meal or to the cinema or theatre with some men who had asked me out. However, I had made it clear to them that I was not interested in them.

The morning of that horrid cocktail party, I had made another attempt to settle the situation with Jack. Around half five that morning that I had pushed a note under his door asking him if he was being unkind about me because he was jealous. I told him in that note that I cared about him more than any other man. I told him that although I had lots of male friends I was not encouraging any of them. I stated I was not interested in any other man.

Jack was not inviting me to do anything with him, not a concert, not dinner, not a coffee. Jack was giving me sly glances and making sly remarks about me. I just looked at Jack with pleading expressions. I wanted to talk, but he made it so difficult for me. Many times he was downright rude to me in public.

I turned up at the party, which was far smaller than I was expecting (have you ever been to a party for only five people?), wearing a stunning cocktail dress (if I do say so myself) and Jack was sat at the far end of the room. I was terribly cautious of him, because he was so unpredictable. I did not want him to be rude to me, plus on that very morning I had pushed that note under his door and I did not know how he felt at that point. He sat at the oppoosite end of the three-seater sofa from the only other female in the room (who was named Selina), not looking at her once. He perched there glaring at me all evening, while the other two men sat either side of me merrily sharing memories of strange things that had happened on projects we had worked together on. They both were paying compliments to me and topping up my martini glass. Selina was obviously fed up with the situation. She left after an hour. She lived in the same apartment block as Tom, who was our host for the evening. I was not going to leave before Jack did.

I made sure I left with Jack. I was absolutely determined to. I tried to talk to him about it while we were standing at the bus-stop. He would not hear what I had to say. The bus arrived and I realized some of the passengers recognized Jack and they were taking photos of us together. Jack was silent and broody with me, but when his fans started to speak to him he responded by being lively and making them laugh.

Isn’t it ridiculous that after spending a wonderful year with gorgeous Goldfinch, all I can think of is Jack? I think I should come with a warning / caution label for any future man who sets his sights on me. I have never had the chance to heal from what happened to Jack. I can love. Boy can I love. I can love another man, just as I have truly loved Goldfinch. But the damage is still there, and until I have chance to square things with Jack, I do think he will keep popping up at unwanted times. He will always be a cloud on future joys. A Jack shaped cloud.

I am going to try to keep Jack in the box and high up on the shelf. I don’t like him jumping out of the box at unwanted times. This should be Goldfinch’s week.

Once Upon A Time…

Once upon a time…

…there was a Prince named Goldfinch. The Prince danced with Caramel and they fell very much in love. They had a year of wonder and delight.

Did they live happily ever after? No…Goldfinch had to go back to Australia – this is after all the modern world, and today we have visas and work permits and the like.

The good news is, Caramel was able to keep the shoes and the dress(es)!!!

You might be wondering???

Well…Rory aka A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip! has included me in a list of bloggers to provide a post for the “3.2.1 Quote Me!” challenge with the theme: CINDERELLA TODAY, as you can see in his post below:

Now, I am rushing my post because I have to work for the next two days – long hours!!! And I am helping with a party too on Saturday and then Goldfinch is coming to see me for the last time before we travel to Heathrow together! Aaaaaah sigh!

But this is a theme I could not resist! So I am sorry if it all looks a little rushed!

Scrap the fairy god-mother and the magic pumpkin…it was the shoes, the dress and the hair that made all the difference that night! I mean have you ever seen a version of Cinderella where Prince Charming saw the carriage she arrived in or the fine white horses? No…it was all physical attraction. Some Cinderella movies have awful scenes where Cinders and Charming try to have a conversation on the night they meet – so wooden they make me cringe. If a relationship is going to continue, you will both need to be able to have a conversation. However, ask most men…and if they are being honest, they will tell you that the first time they meet a woman it was her appearance that caught their attention. Nope…it was all about how she looked and that she could dance.

Dancing is a lovely thing you know. Goldfinch has danced with me in public many a time and it is the most romantic sensation to be waltzing around a bus station in the middle of the Midlands with an audience of university students and men who have crawled out of local pubs and look as if they need to sleep for the next three weeks to recover.

I have around seventy plus pairs of shoes, mostly from charity shops or given to me by peeps who decided they didn’t want to do stilettos anymore. I look after my shoes. Every modern day Cinderella should do likewise!

Word of advice…don’t lose shoes. Cinderella was mighty careless. Look after your shoes and your shoes will look after you!

Whether you are a Cinderella or not…always be kind, and yes have courage too…but I am telling you ALWAYS BE KIND! That is incredibly important whoever you are.

Kindness makes you very attractive, very beautiful.


I am going to tag three wonderful bloggers who I am sure are perfect for the “3.2.1 Quote Me!” challenge on the theme of: CINDERELLA TODAY:

Beauty Vambe Beauty Vambe – DR VAMBE’s BLOG

From my favourite Cinderella film “The Slipper And The Rose” (ooooh I do like the one with Drew Barrymore too!!) – this is how they felt after they danced with each at the ball – so sweet!!!

Love, Eat, Rest and Play – But Stay Safe!

road.jpgLife holds many unexpected twists and turns. Each one of us have had countless experiences which have made us the unique person we are today.

Many have compared life to a journey and sure enough, at times I have found I have taken a wrong turn along the way and have tried to reset my course to a safer course. But you never really know what is on the horizon.

I love the chance to see how other bloggers answer the questions set by Melanie, the creator of sparksfromacombustiblemind in her SHARE-YOUR-WORLD posts. Take a look at her questions for this week:

I am sure that Melanie would be delighted with new faces who would like to prepare a post of your own and SHARE-YOUR-WORLD with us!

This Week’s Questions

What are the most important lesson(s) you’ve learned in life?

Oh so many! Too many really.

First of all, I would say, do try not to become isolated emotionally. If you have a problem and you don’t seek help from wise folk, it could lead you to make foolish decisions. If you go through life feeling nobody really understands you – well, let’s just say, that is not wise, and it can be to your severe detriment.

Find people who are understanding. They are out there. I have some friends I respect enormously because they seem to have seen everything. They have a huge amount of experience with all sorts of people and they are very perceptive. Even though I might not hang out with them on a regular basis, they are my go-to friends for advice because they have excellent reasoning skills and they are so good at understanding human nature. They give me balanced, sound, realistic advice.

20180628_145757I guess I had the most horrid reminder of how important it is not to be careful about your personal safety. Being on my own, late at night, in a London park has to be the biggest regret of my life. But what led up to me being there, is feeling totally isolated and on my own with a problem I did not know how to deal with. I was crushed. I lost all care for my own personal safety. I have regretted my lack of caution ever since.

AmbulanceThis is not a safe world folks. You have to be wise, be cautious and be safe. Sadly, we cannot avoid crime now, but don’t be casual about your personal safety. Don’t put yourself in harm’s way.

Really, I had an escape, I might not have survived that night. I am so glad that a security guard found me and called an ambulance.

How did you meet your husband/wife or significant other? How did you know he/she was “the one”?

Although Goldfinch is leaving…he has been my significant other for the past year. I think I have shared the story of how we met in various formats before…but here it is again:

I had a bit of a disappointment while I was in the Midlands on the Friday evening a year ago. Some bad news about a male friend who was, well, he was bad news himself really. Sometimes, I wonder why I didn’t see how much of a negative impact he was having on me before that night. That night ended the connection I had with him. He has a lot to think about before he makes promises to anyone else. I tried so hard to make it work with him, but he was such a disappointment. I realized how terribly wrong we were for each other. Terribly terribly wrong for each other. It was like the Princess and the Peahead!…Anyway, moving on swiftly from that miserable page in the life of Caramel….

Not to be put off enjoying my break from work I was still determined to enjoy myself. On the Saturday I was shopping and site-seeing with friends and then we went out for dinner and drinks afterwards. As the night was still young, there was a big discussion over whether to explore the nightlife in that part of the Midlands or to opt for a more relaxing end to the evening at the cinema. I remember the only film that caught anyone’s eyes was called “Breathe”. I was tired. I had been working for over fifty hours a week all year and this was the first time I had been absent from work. I was not eager to explore Midlands nightlife. However, that was the night I met Goldfinch.

It took less than five minutes for me to feel comfortable with him. He was the brave one, approaching a stranger. He said hello and asked me some perfectly appropriate formal/friendly questions. He gave me plenty of space. I think he understood that I had my guard up. I answered his questions without imparting any information about myself and I was not particularly friendly, more matter-of-fact, nonchalant. I thought he was just some bloke who was out to enjoy himself (I was not interested in that) but I humoured him because he was not guilty of anything inappropriate or offensive. In fact he was effortlessly gentlemanlike. He naturally knew how to behave, how to conduct himself, how to make a woman feel at ease with him. I felt safe with him.

What made me warm to him was when two young men who were being boisterous and inconsiderate were nearby, Goldfinch was gracious and considerate with me and he kind of shielded me from them. He sat a little nearer to me, but still allowed enough space for probably two people to have sat down in between us. We were having this conversation with plenty of physical space between us, so I did not feel uncomfortable for one minute. Then he sat a little closer, but he asked me first if that was alright. By that point I would have been happy sitting on his lap. I was utterly smitten by him.

As we talked, I realized there was a lot to talk about, things we had in common, points that were of great interest to me. Because it became so noisy, he moved a little closer. I felt so glad that he did. I started to feel excited. I don’t know whether it was me or him, but suddenly we were holding hands while we were talking. Before I could tell what was happening, I was completely enchanted by a complete stranger. But I have never had a moment’s regret that I fell for him so quickly. Nothing he did made me feel scared. He was the first man in two and a half years that made me feel safe and comfortable and happy to be touched.

We spent hours together talking. It was so exciting to me. I was holding hands with a man I had only just met and I felt so incredibly comfortable with him. I loved how easy it was to talk to him. It was hours, but the time flew and it felt like minutes. It is amazing to me that we had an extra hour that night because the clocks had gone back one hour.  My extra hour was spent holding Goldfinch’s hand and getting to know him. That has to be the best and most memorable way I have ever spent my “extra hour”!

We carried on the conversation when we went for breakfast (a full English – vegetarian version for me) on the Sunday morning. I remember wearing a blue dress of mine I love. I wanted to look pretty for him. He then had to leave. He already had plans for the day with friends. He asked if he could come back and see me again later that evening. My heart leapt. He said he would call or send a message to say what time he was able to return to see me.

Throughout that day, I felt doubtful that he would come back again. I went shopping and out for coffee with friends. I didn’t think he would call, I didn’t think he would come. But he did. It was so wonderful. He asked if he could visit me in London the following weekend. I was thrilled.

How do you know it is going to be right? Great question! I don’t know. But it happens all the time. I think one of the factors that made a difference though, is that I was at my leisure to enjoy chatting with him. Normally, here in London, my life is all rush rush. I would never have had the time to chat. But being away and not worrying about time was a priceless opportunity. He just happened to be there at the perfect time. It was almost like a miracle – we just happened to be in the same building at the same time and everything went well. It was the first time I genuinely enjoyed having attention from a man since before I was attacked.

If you could take a year-long paid sabbatical, what would you do?

I think I did exactly that after I was injured in a London Park.

I spent almost a year staying with different family members. I was in and out of hospital all year. But when I was well, I loved walking through the countryside that I had grown up near. It was nice to visit Liverpool and Manchester and North Wales. I had been away from home for eight years at that point and I loved seeing old friends and places I loved.

What is your favourite thing to buy at a movie theater concession stand? (credit to The Haunted Wordsmith for this one)

I am going to confess, a cinema ticket costs so much that I normally would not then waste money on sweets and junk food within the cinema. I always have a bottle of water with me and I might sneak my own goodies into the cinema – peanut M&Ms, or Pringles or Butterkist popcorn.

I know from my own experience that food in the dark is not always a success. I once spilt a whole bucket of popcorn when trying to find our seats in the dark. It wasn’t even my popcorn. I was carrying it for a friend, who already had her hands full.

I have been on cinema dates, where the man I was with was keen on loading up with food for the experience. Don’t ask me why!

So one guy ordered nachos loaded with cheese and salsa and jalapeno peppers. That was hardly romantic.  But bless him, he was obviously very hungry. It was like being on a date with Cookie Monster from Sesame Street.

Another guy bought a tub of Haagan Daaz ice-cream and tried to spoon-feed me whilst watching the movie, which all got a bit messy.

Another young man threw half of his coke on me.

Personally, I find a cinema date much more enjoyable without food to wreak havoc on all possibilities of romance blossoming.

I make the exception for Goldfinch, who is the most wonderful person to sit next to in a cinema – you will have to take my word for it. He likes salty popcorn, I like sweet popcorn. I clearly love him more than he loves me. He wins! We share a bucket of salty popcorn and I think we have shared a coke too.

ardensOh I did sneak a box of my favourite snack into the cinema once with Goldfinch. He had never tasted anything like them and was not sure at first. But then he gobbled almost the whole box without me getting a look in!

Aaaaah – I will never have the chance to sit next to Goldfinch during a movie at the cinema again! Sigh!


Do You Even Know What A Triple Salchow Is?

We are all at it again! Rory says: THREE…? and we cannot resist responding! Well, here is my triple Salchow for Rory:

Name Three …


Cold things?





Hot things?

Vegetarian Vindaloo

Steaming cup of tea

And of course…Goldfinch


Boy’s Names beginning with Z?




I have male friends/colleagues with the above names – although I think Ziggy is a nickname. Still!


Countries beginning with the letter G?





Animals species that begin with the letter P?




(A blogger likened me to a panther recently – I took it as a compliment – I think it means I have a smooth, seductive mystique? I was flattered, but too shy to ask for an explanation. But I don’t resemble a panther in real life – I am the opposite to mysterious or seductive or smooth. More like a rabbit or a squirrel or a duck in real life I think.)


Things that are square?

The dinner service I use when I have more than four guests. They are so annoying to clean.

My brother-in law (don’t tell Mandy I said that – eeeek!)

The Georgian window panes in my front door.


Holidays you have been on?

Sweden! – wooo hoo!!! The most fun I have ever had!

Texas, USA

Caravan Park Scarborough, Yorkshire (Never again)

I have been to lots of other places, but these are probably the most memorable holidays – memorable for good and bad reasons.


Words that rhyme with Pink?





Urban Legends?

I am not sure what you are looking for with this, things which have a legendary fame or myths about living in the city?:

The legendary Kriskitch cafe in London – yummy!

You can board a train on the London Underground Circle line and go around and around all day and you will only pay the minimum travel fee.

It doesn’t matter if you accidentally wander in to the bus-lane, the traffic cameras don’t usually work.


Things that are pink?

pink blacmange.jpgBlancmange


My face when I am with Goldfinch – forever blushing at what he is whispering into my ear!


Things to do with baseball?

The ball

The bat

The bowler

Am I thinking of cricket? They are almost the same right?


Marvel Heroes?

Oh dear… Now you’re asking! The only comic I ever read was Dennis The Menace, before I decided he was incorrigible and gave up on him.

The one that wears his underpants on the outside of his trousers

The one that Michelle Phieffer played…was it Batwoman?

The green one – well he goes green when he gets angry. I think it’s supposed to be good anger. He only gets angry at the baddies – correct me if I am wrong.


Ice Cream Flavours?

Has to be non-dairy ice-cream for me:


Peanut-butter caramel



Things that comes from the ocean beginning with the letter O?

Oldwife – it is a real fish Rory, honest!


Oil – well below the ocean…but often it is leaked into the ocean by bafoons! Grrrrr!

I Have Been Gifted!

Teresa aka The Haunted Wordsmith has sparked a wave of generosity in the blogging world and I have been the recipient of several gifts already. Life is going to be pretty hectic for me this month – my last few days with Goldfinch, followed by lots of over-time at work, and then a week with my family – so I am probably not going to be able to keep up with all the giving that is going on. But I have time this afternoon…so here is my giving spree!

Everyone has been very generous over the weekend and gifts galore are being spread amongst other bloggers. I needed to think a bit longer about my responses – I am not firing on all cylinders at the moment, I have to admit!

However, thank you to the lovely bloggers who have included me in their gift lists so far.


I have to say, my favourite gift so far is from Sadje, the creator of Keep it alive. We probably should not pick favourites, but I am sure you will forgive me for this one! In her gift list, her gift was Goldfinch!!!

Sadje knows what is closest to my heart to be sure! I could not ask for a more wonderful gift!


I have had some other lovely gifts and one rather memorable gift too!

Dr Tanya, the creator of Salted Caramel thought of me on her gift list:

pink bouquet and wallet

How lovely! That cheered me up no end!


Then there is our lovely Rory, the creator of A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip!

…who gave me “an ample handful [oooher missus] of chocolate crumbs to keep the sweetness intact”.

…as soon as I thought of chocolate crumbs, I thought of the base for a chocolate caramel dessert – and after I bake it, I would happily send out a slice to all the lovely bloggers who are feeling so generous at the moment.


Then instead of giving me socks, one of my favourite bloggers sent me a right shock to my system! Kristian, the creator of Tales from the mind of Kristian gave me perhaps the most bizarre gift I have received so far!:

I am hoping this one comes with a gift receipt so I can go and exchange it for cuddly socks!


So…now come my gifts for bloggers…and I think I probably owe at least twelve now, but I am tired today, so please forgive me for limiting myself to the three below:

My first priority is a gift to Fernando Fandango, the creator of This, That, and The Other

Men's Active Intensity Baselayer Pants

I would like to give the gift of thermal underwear for skiers. Specialist skiers underwear that is also aerodynamic. It won’t slow you down on the ski slopes but it will help to prevent frost bite. Frostbite can turn very nasty, so please do wear something on the slopes.


My second recipient is Kristian, the creator of Tales from the mind of Kristian. I feel I was rather unappreciative of his gift to me! So to make up for being such a spoilt brat, I am going to give Kristian a double-decker gift.

My first is a display box for loose leaf tea, there is a larger one with six chambers that I would give of course – only I could not find a photo of it.

Add to that a fine tea treat at a London tea parlour – and I hope dear Kristian will forgive me for my ingratitude!


And last but certainly not least, I would like give a gift to Dee Kelly, the creator of Thriving Not Surviving:

Many of you know that our lovely Dee has experienced tremendous sadness this year. I was thinking of her the other day. I can only imagine that the sad loss her family have experienced may be especially hard in coming weeks. I would love to send flowers and hugs every single day to Dee and I am sure lots of other bloggers feel the same way!

That is the thing about blogging. We are all enjoying preparing posts and all the interaction with other bloggers. But we are all very real people, with our own trials and tribulations as well as joys and jubilations. When another blogger experiences tragedy, we can feel a bit helpless perhaps because we don’t know each other in real life. However, we are genuinely moved, and think of you frequently.

Dee, I am sure all other bloggers would join me in truly wishing you heartfelt love as you and your family spend time together over the next month or so. I can’t imagine how tough these past few months must have been. So flowers and hugs every day Dee is my gift for you.


Lots of love, joy and peace to all the bloggers who brighten our day!

The Brilliant Tom Burton Has Nominated Me For The Sunshine Blogger Award…Again

Tom Burton, the creator of Slumdog Soldier, has very kindly thought of me again and included me in his list of nominees for the Sunshine Blogger Award:

sunshine blogger award 3

As you can see from Tom’s post, The Sunshine Blogger Award has some rules:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link back to their blog so others can find them. -THANK YOU AGAIN TOM!
  • Answer the 11 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you.
  • Nominate 11 other bloggers and ask them 11 new questions.
  • Notify the nominees about it by commenting on one of their blog posts.
  • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo on your post and/or your blog site.

Tom’s Questions For his Nominees:

Where are you from?

I am originally from the North of England.  I grew up on the outskirts of Liverpool. We were actually almost equal distance between Liverpool and Manchester. But it was Liverpool people that lived there. Our family home was on a council estate. It almost felt like a giant Butlins camp – poor quality housing and loads of kids running round. There were lots of families in the town, because it was built in the 1960/70s as an overflow for Liverpool. Lots of families moved in as the houses were so much more affordable.

The North-West of England has a lot of industrial towns and I used to feel overwhelmed with the urban industrial scenes I saw regularly. Some parts of our town were dilapidated, some vandalized and littered. I always wished I lived somewhere that felt more picturesque and cleaner. However, our town was surrounded by beautiful countryside and farms. I started to explore the countryside around our town in my late teens, and realized how very beautiful it was. Just a few minutes walk from our family home was almost like paradise.

When I left home, I moved into a very rural area, right out in the sticks, on the outskirts of Newbury. I lived on a very grand country estate, which was very picturesque and had been around for hundreds of years. The countryside around was as beautiful as the Lancashire countryside.

Currently I live in London. I have lived in several different parts of London. I live in an area now that feels fairly safe. There is a large green park at the end of my road. I could not survive in London if it were not for the green parks that are dotted around. Around the corner from my little nest, there are many restaurants and shops. It can be very busy here, especially at the weekend. But it is very quiet for me down here in my little abode.

Do you think of yourself more as an early bird or night owl?

Neither really, not now. I used to be a morning person before I received severe head injuries.

Since my head injuries – mornings are horrible! HORRIBLE! Until my pain-killers kick in, I am a wreck. I mentioned in another post that for a long time I have been able to just take pain killers once a day, first thing in the morning, which I am pleased about.

I do try to set an alarm to get up in the morning and get myself vertical so that the pain eases off. Once I am vertical my brain seems a lot happier.

However, neither am I a night owl. I am normally pretty shattered by the time I reach the little nest after a busy day out and about in London. I long to be in bed of an evening. I love the feeling of slipping into bed and drifting away into sleep.

The only problem is that during the night the pain in my head starts to build up and then I have to face the morning pain again.

So I guess afternoons are my best time now. I probably get the most done during the afternoon whether I am at home or at work. I am pain free and I feel more awake and energetic.

What is your birthstone?

What is a birthstone?

Ooooo-er I am not sure how to answer this as I am not sure what the question means. You are going to have to help me out with this one. I have just read another blogger’s post where they said their birthstone was a ruby. However, they did not explain what that meant. I do like sapphires and diamonds. But that is mainly because I like blue…and sapphires look amazing with diamonds.


Well, I have never given birth…so if we are talking about some kind of milestone for mothers, I don’t qualify for that question.

What’s your favourite season of the year and why?


I love summer because I am very much an outdoors person. So I live more in the summer. I love summer flavours. I love being out in the fresh air in the countryside, soaking up the colours. I love blue skies and lush green foliage and a rainbow of flowers.

What’s a favourite quote that’s really inspired you?

I am a big believer that love should be not just an internal sentiment, but an action!

If you could choose one fantasy world to visit for a day, which one would it be?

I don’t watch or read much fantasy. I enjoy fictional stories, but i like them set in the real world, rather than a fantasy world.

But I mentioned in another post recently that as a child I thought it would be nice to visit the inside of Willy Wanka’s chocolate factory. I thought it would be fun if everything was a delicious sweet to eat.

Nowadays, if I could go anywhere, it would be  a part of this amazing planet we live on, which I think is probably far better than anything we could imagine ourselves. I find this planet makes me incredibly excited and inspires within me a huge desire to explore.

I dream of exploring the ocean. I have always been fascinated by the oceans and would love to be able to study the ocean, especially whales. A day would not be enough, rather, I would need many years out at sea.

I am also fascinated by caves. Have you heard of the Chandelier Ballroom in Lechugilla? That would be extraordinary to visit for a day.

How do you like to wind down after a busy day?

If I am on my own, then I just make a snack to eat. I don’t normally cook when it is just me. But my fridge always has salad, home-made hummus, pesto, fresh pasta and home made veggie soups. I always have a variety of different crispbreads in the cupboard. I have avocados too. So it is easy and quick to rustle up a snack for myself. I don’t like having a heavy meal in the evening.

Then I have a shower and head for bed. Often the phone rings and I have to climb out of bed. But it is normally a very welcome call from a friend or family member.

What would your dream job be?

construction clothesI have always loved working on construction sites. I find ground-works hard going now though. You have to be strong for all the heavy work. When I was younger I loved digging trenches and helping to prepare the footings for a concrete foundation. But just the thought of that right now makes me feel tired! I love roof tiling and plaster-boarding. I love all the work painting and decorating too.

lawn mowerI love working outdoors. I have worked as a gardener and I loved it, but I needed a lot of supervision because I didn’t have much knowledge. I became quite the expert with the drive-on lawn mower. But I would love to have proper training as a gardener, so that I had more confidence.

What I think I would love to do as a job / way of life is mix of caring for animals, cultivating various vegetables and fruit, cleaning, all the aspects of laundry, property maintenance, making my own furniture, cooking and baking with the produce of the harvest and just anything that needed doing. Practical tasks are so satisfying and rewarding. But I would not want to work for a profit, not from a business motive. I would love to play my part in looking after the part of the planet I dwell in, making everything beautiful and caring for it.

Why did you start blogging?

lettersI have been writing long letters and e-mails to friends since I can remember. So I think that letter writing, with a personal touch to people I care about, is a life-long habit.

love letterBut it was Stuart who kept on saying I should start blogging. I didn’t know what blogging was at that point. Stuart helped me a lot. More than I think he realizes. This may sound strange, but I moved to this part of London to be nearer to Stuart, but it did not work out. I think timing had a lot to do with it. I still was struggling with men after being attacked. I feel bad, but at the end of the day, I was not the one who pulled out, Stuart was. I wanted it to be him that made me happy to be a woman. But I think at the time it was too much pressure for both of us.

platonicSome time later a friend, who has been blogging for a long time, helped me to set up this site on WordPress. He suggested publishing some of the stories I had of how I have embarrassed myself over the years. He thought “lessons in life” could be the main theme of my site. I think from the start I knew I wanted to write about the events that had crushed me in previous years. But I also felt strongly that it would be exhausting for me and readers if every post was about challenges. I didn’t want anyone to think of Crushed Caramel as depressing, negative laments. I wanted to enjoy blogging and I really wanted others to enjoy what I came up with.

I am really thrilled that the writing prompts and challenges created by other bloggers have given me many opportunities to produce light-hearted fun posts that balance out my site. I feel better about having the occasional post about some of the things that have made me heavy-hearted at times.

What have you enjoyed most about blogging so far?

I think I feel the same as many other bloggers. The support and encouragement from other bloggers has been an unexpected and wonderful surprise. It makes blogging so enjoyable!

Which of your own blog posts would you recommend to new readers first?

RiverMy own favourite post is a poem I wrote twenty years ago:

But I think I have mentioned that before.

So I think one of my other favourites was a post I wrote in the summer just before I started my new job:

There is a post in my drafts folder that I intend to finish at some point on why everyone says I am a mix between Maria Von Trapp and Bridget Jones.


Although if you have been reading my posts for a while, you may have already figured that out!

My Eleven Questions For My Nominees:

  2. HAVE YOU MADE ANY CONFESSIONS IN YOUR BLOGGING POSTS ABOUT MOMENTS OF MADNESS IN YOUR LIFE OR TIMES YOU WERE ALMOST IN TROUBLE WITH THE AUTHORITIES? (I know that some of my nominees have shared a long list of their confessions already, so please do pick the most outrageous!)
  9. WHAT WOULD YOU LOVE TO SEE ON THE FRONT PAGE OF THE NEWSPAPERS TOMORROW MORNING? (other than than any particular politician being abducted by aliens)

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Spent The Whole Of Sunday Sticking You Together

IMG_1345You may have noticed how much of a fan of “SONG-LYRIC SUNDAY” I have become. It is a musical extravaganza. I love how many completely different songs are offered up by the various bloggers who get involved.

“SONG-LYRIC-SUNSDAY” originates with Helen Vahdati, the creator of This Thing Called Life One Word at a Time.

This week’s theme is: LAST, as you can see from Helen’s post below:

Well, like last week, there are so many songs that came to my mind and that’s exactly what has happened to me this week. I was so so close with going with a song that was on the first Kylie Minogue album my Dadda ever bought for me when I was about eight years old.

However, I then realized that this is a priceless opportunity to showcase one of my favourite songs of all time.

I worked for a record company during the Britpop era when the likes of Oasis, Blur and Pulp were in their heyday. There were a multitude of British bands that were incredibly popular at the same time.

One of my favourite bands were Sleeper. They were great to watch live. We loved to see bands fronted by talented rock women. Louise Wener was the very talented singer and guitarist who wrote many of the tunes the band became famous for. Apparently, she has since written four novels and an auto-biography and has also taught novel-writing. She is still a creative genius by all accounts.

The song “What Do I Do Now?” was one of my favourite songs from the Britpop era. I loved the lyrics. Amongst my favourites lines are the following:

Oh I’ll miss you every day of your life
Oh you’ll feel it too, you’re not that strong
You know I’m on to you

and, my absolute favourite:

Tore up all your photos, didn’t feel too clever
Spent the whole of Sunday sticking you together

Here is their video for my favourite of their songs – do you recognize the film it was based on?

Quickly she came, dressed up for fame
Riding her perfume downstairs
Make up like glue, she danced round the room
To the sound of her corduroy flares
“Lets go to town, taxis all round
We could stop for a couple of beers”
He looks at it all, stifles a yawn
She tries not to look like she cares

What do I do now, are we going under?
What did I do wrong, I thought we had it sorted
Out the other day maybe I’m just stupid
Can’t we try again?
No one told me it was raining

Can’t face a club they walk to a nearby pub
Watch a couple of bands
Draining the glass, they walk home at last
Reaching for each others’ hands

Nothing is said, he goes to bed
Dreaming of her on his own
She stays up all week watching him sleep
Scared that she’ll wake up alone

What do I do now, are we going under?
What did I do wrong, I thought we had it sorted
Out the other day maybe I’m just stupid
Can’t we try again?
No one told me it was raining

Oh I’ll miss you every day of your life
Oh you’ll feel it too, you’re not that strong
You know I’m on to you

Oh I’ll miss you every day of your life
And maybe when you’re dead
I’ll get some rest from holding onto you

What do I do now then, are we going under?
What did I do wrong? I thought we had it sorted
Is there someone else, or am I too familiar?
Was it when I said I wanted to have children?
Tore up all your photos, didn’t feel too clever
Spent the whole of Sunday sticking you together
Now I’d like to call you, but I feel too awkward
Some things need explaining
No one told me it was raining

 – Louise Wener / Sleeper