It’s Oh So Quiet

As far as I see it, I am being paid at a pretty good hourly rate to drink tea and keep myself from falling asleep today.

I had to work on Sunday and I have to work today before I catch the train to Wales. Normally Sundays are very busy. Normally Monday mornings are very busy. My colleagues who normally work those shifts have already flown overseas for the holidays. I am here and drinking one cup of tea after another and eating carrot sticks (yes – still have carrot sticks to finish off before I go away).

Well…I am not complaining. It is so nice to have some peace after a hectic week. The next few days will be noisy and fun with my family.

I will be in Snowdonia in a few hours time – yippee!! The only place I would rather be is Adelaide with gorgeous Goldfinch. But truth be told, I would rather he were with me and meeting my wonderful wonderful family.

15 thoughts on “It’s Oh So Quiet”

    1. Oh it was Glen! Although the time went so slowly. Still I would rather have it quiet than be stressed out before a six hour journey across the country.

      Have a wonderful week with your nearest and dearest!

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