Days Like This

coffeeDays like this are why coffee was invented! This week has been intense so far and it is going to carry on right up until the moment I board the train to travel up to North Wales. I have been juggling so much this week – I am ready to drop, but I can’t, not yet! Just have to keep going.

I am living on espresso and carrot sticks this week and have not had chance to do any laundry or ironing in the little nest. My hair is being abused – I wash and blast with the hair-dryer and then tie it up in a great knot.

Work is busy – crazy busy. I am doing extras to help my landlady prepare for the holidays. It’s dark just after 3pm each day. I feel as if I have not seen daylight for a week!

I miss Goldfinch so very much and there is always a heavy weight tugging on my heart and a lump in my throat. But I am so busy, I only have chance for a few tears when I am in bed. I am so tired though, I fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. And then less than ten seconds later, it seems to be morning again because my alarm is ringing!

I am so looking forward to my time off work next week and being with my family. Mumma did always say there’d be days like this:

21 thoughts on “Days Like This”

    1. Thanks Nova!
      It’s very quiet here at work this morning. I hope I have one easy day.
      I am really looking forward to time off work and being with my family. It will take time for my sadness to pass about being on the opposite side of the planet from Goldfinch – maybe that sadness will never really pass. But I am sure there will be lots of lovely people, places, events which will bring me much happiness, I can’t wait for spring and summer. Winter does not suit me at all!


    1. He might visit England in the future – he loves to travel, and of course he has made lots of great friends during the past couple of years. But I do not believe he would choose to live here permanently.

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        1. Thank you!
          I would love it if it stays this quiet all day!
          My colleague who normally works on Sundays has told me that is normally very busy. I am wondering if everyone is just so busy with other things today that they are giving me an easy restful day!

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          1. It was quiet for me Friday at our (always) fast paced office. It was strange but I took full advantage and caught up on other things. I’m guessing everyone has other last minute details to tend to for Christmas. 🎄

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