Could Someone Please Tell Me How On Earth To Say Goodbye To The Man You Are Head Over Heels In Love With?

How do you feel about the following word: FLASHMOB???

If you are not sure what that means – and please be assured it is not remotely rude – there are videos below which will explain it all! I have seen scores of such videos, but if you have never seen one before, prepare to be enthralled!

It’s essentially about surprising people by breaking out into a carefully planned and choreographed routine of singing or dancing. Or on other occasions it is a a team of classical musicians who deliver an incredible show for the public. But the most memorable flashmobs have taken place at very busy transport stations – airport terminals, major train stations, public shopping areas.

Love it or hate it – I have been part of a flashmob myself and I think it is absolutely amazing! A friend of mine Darren, was travelling back to Africa, after losing his beloved wife to cancer.

The entire infirmary team and special invited guests gathered for a goodbye for Darren. We had been practising a flashmob routine of the song “In The Jungle, The Mighty Jungle“. It went perfectly. We were so impressive, we were asked to do it again at a large event a few weeks later.

We have done a “Sound Of Music” flashmob too! And a Bollywood flashmob. Honestly, they are so much fun!

I did think about surprising Goldfinch with a flashmob at Heathrow airport! Yes, seriously. Some of my friends thought it was a great idea and I have plenty of contacts who I am sure would help me out.

However, I have had so little time with Goldfinch this past month, that I don’t want anyone else to intrude on my time with him. In addition, there is the possibility that Goldfinch might have hated it!

I just want to be on my own with him and be able to whisper sweet nothings into his ear and hold his hand tightly right up to the moment I am forced to let go.

I want to dance with him at London Marylebone station when he arrives and I want to dance at Heathrow with him. I don’t need a team of dancers with me. I just want to hold him close and somehow communicate how wonderful he is and how happy he has made me.

Oh dearie! Goodbyes are so hard!

I think I need to watch these flashmob videos myself to cheer myself up:

So hopefully. the video above gave you an idea. However, if you are still not convinced, take a look at how the Belgians approach flashmob. The two videos below are amongst my favourite flashmob scenes.

I don’t know what the Belgians put in their tea, but they seem to be the leaders in flashmobism.



29 thoughts on “Could Someone Please Tell Me How On Earth To Say Goodbye To The Man You Are Head Over Heels In Love With?”

    1. When you see it in real life, it is so surreal. One or two normally dressed people suddenly start to sing, dance or play an instrument. Gradually others join in until there are crowd performing something that has obviously been practiced in advance. For a while you don’t know who is a spectator or who is part of the team of performers.

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    1. They are great aren’t they! The first one I ever saw was around showed one musician turn into an orchestra playing Bolero. I think that was about 7 years ago.
      But since then… i have seen so many brilliant videos of flashmobs in many locations. There are so many videos on Youtube!

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  1. Brilliant! I love flash mobs… and wish I could witness one first hand. But I live in Maine, which has more lobsters than people so it probably wouldn’t be pretty. Everyone knows lobsters are tone deaf.

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    1. I am 50/50 on whether he would like it. Five weeks ago I was all for it, but I have left it too lat now.
      …but I have hardly seen him this month and now I am being selfish. I want him all to myself.
      Flashmobs can be a logistical challenge if they are for someone. I don’t want to be texting everyone with our movements so that the timing is just right.
      I am going to give him memories he won’t forget in other ways!

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        1. I surprised him in January when I met him at Heathrow when he flew back to England after five weeks with his family. He was very impressed at how clever I had been. That was one special night. I ended up in the Midlands with him dancing in the city center. He was loved up that night!

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          1. I’m trying my best to brainstorm a time when I can just be alone with my wife and slow dance with her. I’ve kept my idea a secret for a long time but ended up telling her about it and that freaking sucks because I wanted it to completely take her by surprise. But maybe I’ll get to actually do it and sometime soon.. maybe..

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            1. Spontaneity is exciting…
              …that’s one of the things I have found exciting about Goldfinch. He has made everything far more interesting than normal. National Trust properties will never be the same again after all the surprises he has thrown at me. Simple stuff. I just was not expecting him to be so romantic, or so (…hmm, how do I put this?…) “adventerous”.

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  2. I love flash mobs – especially the one where a guy proposes to his girlfriend and they get married right then and there! Here it is:

    Love the last flash mob video in your post!


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