Weak This Week

I am giving to give you all due notice…

…I am tearful!

However, that is allowed. I am allowed to cry! Crying is a very wonderful thing. I plan to let myself cry as much as I want this week.

You might see one or two weepy posts from me. But it will pass…I have survived much worse.

Right now, I am feeling rather weak, and I do believe I shall be feeling weak all week. I have to say goodbye to Goldfinch. I have to be strong for him.

In the meantime, I am going to admit, it does not take much to make tears start brimming over my eye-lids. But that is alright my friends. Crying is allowed!



17 thoughts on “Weak This Week

      1. It is going to hit you at the worst times. I mean really when is a good time to sob? A wedding yes or graduation but that is not this situation. Crying helps you to work through the situation. It is going to hurt but a little less. I am here if you need someone. 🙂

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