Too Close For Comfort

I had a surprise on Monday night.

I was scrolling through a considerably larger number of bloggers than normal due to my determination to crack Rory’s cryptic clues for his incredibly tough “Guess The Blogger” candidate:

By the way – we need all the help we can get! Rory has really made this one hard and I am losing my wits trying to discover the identity of the mystery blogger.

The surprise I had came when I was typing into my Search bar in the WordPress Reader all sorts of combinations and I suddenly saw a face that looked familiar. I clicked onto the blogsite and was surprised to find Jack’s mother. Jack who I used to live with –  my ex-flatmate – yes the one who crushed Caramel!

I frequently met with his parents. In fact I still remember the first time Jack introduced me to his father. I was crossing the road and Jack was helping his father with his suitcase (his parents had come to stay for a few days). I was going to walk straight past, but Jack called me over and seemed very eager to introduce me to his father.

I also remember having dinner with Jack and his parents. In fact, I rang Jack and told him I didn’t feel I could go through with it because so many people were talking about he and I and that if we were seen (which of course we were seen and yes it was all over social media) there would be even more talk. Jack pleaded with me and assured me that everything would be fine. But when we were actually at dinner it became obvious that his mother did not seem to like me at all. She would not make eye-contact with me and she kept on making rather sarcastic comments about man-hunters. But everyone told me she has always been very protective of Jack and is very suspicious of women who want to bag her son.

Whereas Jack’s father was absolutely wonderful to me. He was a true gentleman and was always friendly and kind, even Jack was being very strange with me. Jack’s father is down-to-earth and just plain nice! I guess I can understand her caring for her son and being a bit menacing towards single women. If Jack had opened up to her about his perceptions of me, maybe she would feel hostile towards me – I will never know!

Hmm. I know she is a writer. I even bought one of her books a long time ago. It never occurred to me that she might be blogging and coincidentally also using WordPress. I had a look at her posts. I was scared to like any of them. It felt rather strange seeing her photos of the family – I have met all of the family, and yet, with things being the way they are, I just did not at all feel right viewing them. And there is no way I am going to follow her. What if she connects my posts with her son? I am afraid ! Very afraid!

I do wish Jack and I could make peace. I am so eager to write more about Jack. But I want to wait until after Goldfinch has left. He was rather upset with me a few months ago because he felt as if I am never going to get over Jack. I don’t want anything to ruin my time with Goldfinch before he leaves.

21 thoughts on “Too Close For Comfort”

  1. Great post Mel, we all indeed live in a small world especially when it comes to the Internet that huge ball of digital energy and eventually we hit upon something by chance that shows another angle to things… you have had a similiar chance yourself today and l shall explain in my next post. 🙂

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    1. I am still catching up with comments Rory…
      …it was a weird coincidence, totally by chance…
      …maybe it is a good thing I now know she is around on WordPress. But I am going to stay away from her site at the moment. It’s such a shame, but it does not feel right while Jack and I are estranged.

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  2. I am lucky. My mother-in-law is super nice. I understand you not to have wanted to leave a “Like” on her site. Hmm… It’s a shame because if she visited your blog she would see how talented you are. I cannot wait to read the rest of your series with Jack. By the way, I submitted to Rory the name of Betty of GuidelinesWeb. Not 100% sure that it is the mystery blogger, but we will know soon enough… In less than 30 minutes. It was nice to participate in this challenge with you. Next time we should team up right from the start. Have a great day Mel.

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    1. I always did wonder what she wants for her son Jack. Does she want him to remain a confirmed bachelor? Oh well, I can’t blame her for adoring her own so can I?
      I think Rory enjoyed our persistence! Although I get the impression Rory is more exhausted than we were!

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      1. The mother-son relationship has been studied by many researchers and it is a very complex subject. If the mother is anxious and has an excessive love for her son, he may grow with anxiety, emotional immaturity and guilt. Intimacy will be difficult to establish because he has reduced verbal communication and locked emotions… These are the consequences and defence mechanisms that men too attached to their mother can end up putting in place. Some manage to cut the cord. If not, they remain devoted to her, and it is the women they meet whom they put at a distance. These are rarely found in the eyes of their potential mother-in-law. Hence the choice of a childish woman who could more easily be “appreciated” by the mamma. Woman who seem to have a very strong personality will be rejected by her. Maybe that’s why Jack’s mother never liked you.

        Yes, Rory seems to have enjoyed our persistence. I was happy to show him my appreciation for him as a blogger. Although, he believes that I have stay up all night because of his challenge. I was indeed up all night but that’s because my son had an asthma attack that day. He didn’t wanted to go to the hospital but I was worried and I couldn’t sleep. Rory’s challenge helped me get my mind out of it. Thankfully, my son got better after a while… The next day, I was exhausted though and it was pretty tough to keep my eyes open. Good luck with the next challenge. Honestly, I have no idea where you take all that energy. You impress me!


  3. Hun, every time you run into “Jack” or see something that brings him up, remember your words above about his mother. You DODGED A BULLET my dear. That woman would have potentially made your life a further hell were you involved with her boy. He’ll always (apparently) be her ‘little boy’ and woe betide any female who tries to get between that. Write what you WANT (regardless of feelings of boyfriends) because that way you’ll get it out of your system more quickly. Write what you want about “Jack”. Maybe the story needs to be told so you can close that book?

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    1. I probably did Melanie!
      Now that her daughter and grandchildren have moved to live near her, they absorb more of her attention. I wonder what she wants for Jack in the future?
      I will write about Jack…I guess it’s only when I have the energy for him though that I can write. He tires me out! I want to be on top form for Goldfinch and make his last few days here as special as I can.
      But I will write more about Jack in the future, because he lingers on and on within me.

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