Disappointed And Disillusioned

Have you ever felt really disappointed in someone? Perhaps you were shocked by something they did, and were confused as it did not seem in character with the person you thought you knew?


I have had that experience recently and it has left me rather bewildered. I have no idea where this is going to leave our friendship in all honesty. (No, I am certainly not talking about Goldfinch!)

We all make mistakes, I know. But when someone had painted a picture of themselves a certain way, and then goes onto show over a course of time that they are not at all what they had originally made out they were.

I am left feeling really disillusioned with them. I keep wanting to say: “I don’t know you.” I have lost faith in this person. How to find a kind and tactful way to say, “I really do not trust you any longer.” Hmm.





20 thoughts on “Disappointed And Disillusioned”

  1. Actually that just happened to me! How funny you should post this. Someone I thought I knew pretty well did something a little bit sneaky and I found out. So I said okay I’m just gonna take a lil step back. They reacted in massive anger and basically ended the friendship. Sounds like a high school girl but it’s actually a 50+ man. They’re the biggest drama queens, i swear!

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  2. I’m sorry!! It’s sad when it happens. I was ghosted by someone I thought was the closest of friends. Won’t answer texts, calls, emails etc. No reason, no explanation…just gone. And I’m not the first she’s done it to. I feel like I can’t get closure because I don’t know what I did wrong. Hang in there. I guess there will always be disappointments.

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  3. I’m currently experiencing this with a friend. I was talking to another friend about how this person is busy and she told me if you were important she would MAKE TIME.


    1. True…
      …I think I am just finding this person’s actions seem so contradictory to all they had claimed they were.
      I am struggling to see a way forward, because I don’t understand this person.
      At one stage there seemed to be a special spark there, and now, I am really not at all sure.

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