What Will You Do With Yours?

What do you think I am describing below?

  • You have one, I have one. But I have never seen mine, and you have probably never seen yours.
  • It weighs about three pounds (1.4 kg)
  • Most people have only used about one billionth of it’s potential capacity within their lifetime.
  • It has been described to as “the most complex thing we have yet discovered in our universe”?

The human brain! It is markedly different from the brain’s of other animals on this planet. One capacity that the human brain has to a superior degree is that of creative imagination.

I have been tagged by Rory, the creator of A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip! for a “3.2.1 Qiuote Me!” challenge on a remarkable theme: CREATIVE IMAGINATION, as you can see from his post below:


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I was reading an article about a brain expert, who teaches at a university in England. He has been studying the human brain for fifty years. Some of his explanations where a bit overly technical for me, but he did make it clear that the human brain has an extraordinary capacity and potential. I will simplify his explanation:

“The human brain has many billions of neurons, which communicate with one another … a single neuron may make many thousands of connections with other neurons…. The total number of connections in the brain is astronomical!”

There is a universe inside your head!

The possibilities are enormous. Look at the incredible diversity of creative ideas reflected by different bloggers. We all have a different flair, a different take on the word prompts and writing challenges.

I think it’s wonderful to have at least one medium – whether it is art, music, poetry, story-writing – to develop and explore that remarkable feature of the human brain – imagination – ideas – that lead to creation. It is something that it is worth giving ample time to, because it is very rewarding to imagine and create. This ability makes humans very very special. How we use our imagination and what we go on to create may have a massive impact on our future.


creative imagination

I was looking for a quote I heard many years ago, but I could not find it, so I went with the one above instead. But the quote I remembered was referring to the mind of the Creator and his exquisite imagination.

I think many of us do know that spending some time out in nature is incredibly good for us. Beholding spectacular mountain views, magnificent sunsets, being inspired by starry skies, the rainbow of colours that erupt in the spring-time….there are so many gloriously beautiful scenes all around us in creation, or if you prefer, nature. Whether you believe that a mind, full of imagination, is behind those scenes or not, I am sure you will agree it is really good for us to be able to soak up the great outdoors.

I don’t think many of us are living the way we were designed to. Currently we live in a system that often turns us into the proverbial hamster running endlessly round and round the same old routine.

I see people travelling on the tube here in London and they look uninspired and tired. For many, life revolves around work, their phone, TV, and a host of other man-made things, that seem to distract them from using their own imagination and thinking about the stunning beauty of this earth, the beauty all around us that is not at all man-made.

I find that the world that man has built seems to stifle something deep inside of me. I rebel against it frequently. I need nature, creation. I don’t watch much TV, but I love a good documentary about creation like BBC’s “The Blue Planet” series.

I have just watched an incredible five minute video on a website I frequently visit because it inspires and educates me. The video is about light and colour – it humbled me to think how extraordinary creation is. It explained the phenomenon of iridescence. Although the technical explanation was impressive and made me admire the ingenuity of the designer, yet again I was in awe of the sheer beauty that this design feature produces. I believe it speaks volumes about the mind, the imagination that came up with these ideas and created countless ingenious and spectacular “things” which don’t pollute the air and water and do not block out the light from the stars.

For me, the greatest creative imagination is evident in what has not been man-made, but is displayed generously throughout our home planet. I truly believe that we should all make ample time to consider the marvels of creative imagination that are all around us.



A friend told me I am a left-brainer, and I have to admit her explanation sounded very plausible, although I am sure I do have two halves of my brain. But I do agree that I have a brain that is more wired towards maths and science and being organized and practical etc.

I am not very good at art or anything particularly creative. However, I love creation. My sister brought some things down from my flat on the other side of London recently. I found in one box a stack of note-books which I had decorated myself with pictures I had cut out of travel brochures and wildlife magazines.


That is just about as creative as I have ever been. But for years I used to make my own cards too in a similar style, because buying cards was so expensive. I sent a lot of letter and cards.


Well, I am going to nominate three bloggers that I do know are a lot more creative than I am:

amydwestphal amydwestphal – Amy-Westphal.com

stoner on a rollercoaster stoneronarollercoaster.wordpress.com

klaugen Klaugen





…because ever since I started to think about the word imagination…I have been thinking about this song:

24 thoughts on “What Will You Do With Yours?”

  1. Excellently delivered oh wise one – it is so very true the first quote – we have a universe inside our minds, our brain is the vessel that allows the travel – we need to exercise that daily, build up our knowledge, and then use our acquired learnings to become more experienced and wiser. Our brain matures and holds an ancient power that yearns for us to discover ………

    Well done mel 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Rory…
      …I am fascinated by the brain, especially since my head injuries. I have read a lot of material on the brain, although there seem to be many mysteries about it still. The brain pathologist I quoted is one of the nicest men, and clever. He said it is a mystery why we don’t go on living for much longer. Our brains have the potential for billions of years.
      And I do genuinely feel all humans should study nature and be inspired and learn – not just biomimetics, but in other ways too!

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      1. The problem is Mel, that humans are allowing a digital technology to rule their thinking, not realising that one day, it will become the death of life as they know it. We should be managing this advancement, and yet we are not – a commercial greed is both running and ruining us.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Sadje,
      Thank you for your lovely comment – as always 🙂
      Just to let you know, I have my comments set to manual approval. When I first started blogging I found one or two bloggers were quite liberal with their use of “colourful” language and I felt I should be able to control what appeared on my site. So I do look at a comment first and I also have the option of editing a comment and removing any bad language before it appears on my site.
      I have felt right from the start that I wanted my site to be something that is safe to read for readers of all ages and backgrounds.
      I was out all morning, so I was only able to look at the comments and approve them when I came back after lunch, that’s why there was a time delay in the comment appearing.

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  2. Very well said Mel. Good post. My hubby is a university researcher and expert of the brain and perception in different kind of populations (athletes, old people, children, autistic persons, asperger…). He often talks about the plasticity of the brain and its ability to generate new neural connections even after a shock to the head, regardless of age. I know you had a similar accident but know that there are special exercises that can always help. On my site, I have a video clip of a program that he uses with professional and elite athletes to increase their ability to analyze the game and speed of processing. The same tool named NeuroTracker is also used with children with ADHD. My son benefits from these exercises and his ability to concentrate is extraordinary despite his ADHD. If you are interested, I will send you the link so that you can get the necessary information. By the way, you and Rory made me laugh so hard today. My stomach still hurts.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m leaving my thoughts here and hoping it might help you and the others in finding the mystery blogger. Could be that: The cupcake icing = white = snow
        The dancers are wearing white scarves. The white piece in the game of Scrabble is valuable. Somehow I think the words White or Snow are clues. But I do not know if Rory follows a blog named Snowman (two words in one) SnowWhite… In both cases it would work with music as man plays music and in research “White noise” is relate to music as well. The last clues Rory has provides on the site refers to #hashtag. I think there is a link to the words: Lyrics or Quotes. Good luck Mel. Hope you will find the Mystery Blogger before 9 AM tomorrow. I’ve got to go back to work now. I will send you a link to my hubby researches and the link of my blogpost later, ok. Keep well. -Dominique

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        1. Oooooh – you see so much more than I do!
          I am stuck on that cupcake!
          Thank you so much…I am going to have more of a think this evening. He is revelling in this one!


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