It Goes Boom Boody-boom Boody-boom Boody-boom… Boody-boom Boody-boom Boody-boom-boom-boom!!!

I have chosen this post to link to the theme “doctor/health/medicine”…chosen for this weeks SONG-LYRIC-SUNDAY, which is today hosted by Jim aka newepicauthor, the creator of A Unique Title For Me.

The song below immediately springs to mind when I think of a song with DOCTOR in it!


I was talking to Goldfinch last night…there is an issue with one of his flights (three flights for him on the route to Adelaide). To help resolve the issue, a viable solution seems for me to to be with Goldfinch on the first leg of his journey which is London to Zurich.

It’s all a bit up in the air at the moment – excuse the pun. But there is a possibility my grand goodbye to Goldfinch will be in Zurich, Switzerland! Doh! Better cancel the dancers and the string orchestra at Heathrow! I cannot get them to Zurich!

Which reminds me…do you think a pocket watch with an enscription (maybe a photo too) is a bit cliché? I even thought I could ask him, if when he is back in Adelaide, can he keep it set to GMT, so he knows what time it is in London, England. I passed a jewellers today with some stunning pocket watches and it made me start wondering if I should take a look at how many pennies I have in my piggy bank? But I do not want to give him something tacky. Is a pocket watch with an inscription tacky? Will he want to carry a pocket watch round? Maybe it would lie dusty and forgotten in some drawer full of old trinkets and bits and bobs?

Aaaaah! I am looking forward to getting home tonight. My chest is still achey after Sunday night. I wonder whether to ask the doctors if it could be just plain old heart-break heart-ache?

I am sure when you saw Laura Bailey’s picture prompt, you thought of the same line as me “MY HEART IS IN YOUR HANDS”.  I am full of conviction in stating whose hands my heart is in!

Now…during the past couple of days, quite a few fellow bloggers mentioned they like a bit of NCIS (especially Leroy Jethro Gibbs!) and so I have opted for a rather marvellous NCIS version of one of my very favourite songs about the condition of the human heart when love-struck! I have had some friends who have done brilliant performances of this on stage – so so so much fun! It has to be one of the best songs for amateur comedy musical numbers at parties. Oh I wish I could show you some videos. Then again…I am sure you could find plenty yourself on Youtube.

Breaktime is over – back to work!

…Boom Boody-boom Boody-boom Boody-boom…

Boody-boom Boody-boom Boody-boom-boom-boom!!!

And for those who don’t know  of NCIS:

16 thoughts on “It Goes Boom Boody-boom Boody-boom Boody-boom… Boody-boom Boody-boom Boody-boom-boom-boom!!!”

        1. Yes it was…
          …after I left hospital three years ago I went to story with family for the next few months. When I was staying with my parents, my Dad introduced me to NCIS which is an investigative team who deal with crimes within the US Navy.
          The main character is Gibbs who leads the team. I think they have done about thirteen or maybe fourteen series in total, but I have probably only seen 10% of the episodes myself.
          The video shows Ziva, the female character going to Doctor Mallard who they call Ducky – to ask for advice because of the effect her work partner Tony has on her. The “will they/won’t they?” question over Tony and Ziva goes on and on and I think most viewers liked it, only the show is not really about romance….it is about the investigations / detective work of the team.
          I think NCIS has been one of the top shows in the US for some time.
          I will pop the Selllers/Loren video in too… 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Jim…
      …I had a post featuring the song already. This is the song I would have chosen for your chosen theme – but I used it to pingback to you as a trial run!
      Thank you for hosting SLS ofr Helen. I am sure everyone will be pleased.
      Glad to know the pingbacks are going to work!

      Liked by 1 person

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