There Is Singing… And Then There Is SINGING!

I have had a really odd week. I might write a bit more about it next week. I am just trying to distract myself mentally at the moment, because I want to dwell on wonderful things, not challenges. That is alright isn’t it?

One of my habits when I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by situations beyond my control is that I tend to sing more in order to keep negative thoughts from dominating. I sing all sorts of songs. But this week it has been opera!

Now, I have to admit, I don’t always know the words. So, I often find myself making up words (which really annoys my sister Mandy!) This week, it is the tune below that has been swirling round and round my head. Sometimes the volume in my head is magnificent and I am desperate to stand up on the bus, or at work, or in the supermarket and start singing at the top of my voice my made up words to this stunning tune!

However, I really am not sure how well I will be received…so, I have not been brave enough yet!

But I have to say…although my musical tastes are truly diverse…the professional opera singers are just in a league of their own! It sends shivers up and down my spine hearing the notes they hit and hold. I would love to be able to sing like that. I would love to wear fabulous dresses and enrapture an audience. (Well…my karaoke performances are quite entrancing I am told!) I had singing lessons as a teenager. I am glad I learnt the basics like breathing control…but they were just too expensive to continue with. But what a amazing gift those opera singers have.

Love it or hate it…opera is helping me keep my thoughts elevated and uplifted this week.

27 thoughts on “There Is Singing… And Then There Is SINGING!”

    1. You know Sade….my voice is not particularly memorable. I mean, I can hold a tune…
      …but when I am in front of an audience with a microphone…I seem to lose all my inhibitions, and I always give them a performance to remember!

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  1. I’ve never truly been an opera fan although there are several that I really enjoy and like you I am awed at the beauty of their voices and the control and the very fact they can convey such heartfelt meaning through words I don’t know or understand.

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    1. Some opera is overwhelming…but there are some stunning arias – the famous ones everyone has heard of – that seem to take your breath away, especially live. I have seen some opera on stage and literally was enraptured by the beauty and power of the female singers especially. I am so impressed by them.


  2. I’m a big Fred Astaire fan. From the age of 10 would you believe. Whenever I felt low my favourite song I would sing (inside my head) was ‘Pick yourself up, brush yourself down and start all over again”.

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