I am going to miss Goldfinch…! I think you already know that.

He has started doing this adorable face rubbing thing. The first time I noticed it, I am convinced he was fast asleep. He had his arms wrapped tightly around me and he was rubbing his face into mine.



I sleep very heavily and am completely out for the count once my eyes are closed. I have a tendency to roll away from him over onto my side of the bed and often lie on my stomach. Throughout the night he will keep waking up and turning over so he can grab me again and wrap me up in his arms.

Most of the time I am too zonked to even respond. But I love that he does that.



My head pain starts to hurt a lot during the night. It becomes more and more intense the longer I am horizontal. But he is there with gentle kisses and makes me feel so happy even when I am in pain.



Then in the morning he is there to gently wake me up in the loveliest ways, before I can make it out of bed and get my pain-killers. I always have head pain in the morning, but somehow Goldfinch takes all the sting out of the pain.



Once my pain killers kick in and I feel a bit more with it, I love to show him how glad and grateful I am to have him with me. He is so utterly gorgeous and I am so overjoyed I have had this wonderful wonderful man in my life, keeping me warm and holding me close.



Yup – I am going to miss him!




9 thoughts on “Snuggles”

    1. It was a bit if cuteness, when I came home from work way too tired to work on one of the other posts I had in my drafts folder. I just felt like curling up and going to sleep and was wishing Goldfinch was with me.

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