Don’t Be Shy!

Is there any better way to start the weekend than taking your time over your coffee (or tea) and catching up on WordPress Reader?…


…and visiting DrTanya’s Coffee Morning (a blog-party – yaaaaaaay!!!) a chance to meet and greet lovely bloggers. Clink the below to take your straight to Salted Caramel where you will find a very friendly coffee morning, where Dr Tanya will be happy for you to drop by:

Don’t be shy! Drop by! If you have never visited a blogging party before – it’s eeeeezy peeeezy – just say hello in the comments section and don’t forget to include a link to one of your posts. It makes it much easier for everyone to find your site! Take a peek at the sites of the other bloggers who have already introduced themselves.

Blogging parties – a great way to find lovely bloggers who are here to support the blogging community and encourage you when you are feeling gloomy about your statistics or suffering from writer’s block.

And where there is coffee…there is sure to be cake! Why not hey? It’s Saturday!


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