A Mistake I Did Not Laugh At…Neither Did He

Not long until Goldfinch heads back to the land of the kookaburra and kangaroo – aaaah sigh! This week I had two incidents when male friends asked me if I will agree to go out with them for a drink after Goldfinch has left. I think they are wanting to have someone to go to parties with and cosy up with during the winter months. They are jumping the gun a bit asking me now! My reaction was a bit like the video right at the end of this e-mail!


Photo Credit: National Aquarium, Washington, DC.

Goldfinch has stayed away from London this weekend and I think it may have something to do with a huge bumble I made last year. I was so red-faced with embarrassment and felt awful to cause Goldfinch disappointment!

I met him on the last Saturday of October 2017. He came down to London the following weekend to visit me. He expressed a hope to see a fire-work display and bonfire. Well, I had seen advertised that there was one just down the road in a public park. There would be a fairground and all the fireworks etc. I was told that it was held over two nights and I presumed that those two nights were Saturday and Sunday night.

So on the Saturday evening, Goldfinch and I had a very cosy night in and enjoyed some indoor fireworks. (That is the closest thing you are ever going to get to innuendo on my site!) On the Sunday night we strolled down the road only to find darkness and an empty park! The look on Goldfinch’s face! He looked like a little school boy who had missed out on a party. I was so upset with myself.

I knew right then this was a man I only ever wanted to make happy, I never wanted to be a disappointment to him again! Oh this wonderful specimen of a male human being deserved so much better that my brain on snooze-mode. Normally I can brush off a mistake and get over it, but I felt so awful to let him down, especially after spending the most wonderful weekend with him! I was not laughing at that mistake and neither was Goldfinch.

Well, all year I have been trying to make it up to him after my huge bumble the first weekend he visited me, I have loved him and I have loved loving him. But I don’t blame him for not trusting me this year! He has gone to a firework display in the midlands instead.

I am going to schedule this post to be published later on. I am going over to a friend’s home for dinner. I have made a dessert to take. Then I shall come home and after all the fireworks are over, I shall drift off to sleep dreaming of my favourite Australian.

Boy am I going to miss him! He makes fireworks explode in me every time I think of him. The good news is….he is coming to London very soon! Yaaaaaaaaay!!! A band he likes are playing nearby and it is a great chance to see them (well, I am only interested in seeing him). I will tell you all about it later on the week. So I have more fun time to spend time with him.


Oh and that video I mentioned is still below…it made me laugh seeing the reaction of the people with the laughing kookaburra! I love a face wrinkled up with joyful laughter – don’t you!









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