I Give To You And You Give To Me

IMG_1345I have been looking forward to finding out what the theme would be for “SONG-LYRIC-SUNDAY” and I am delighted with it! Today’s theme is GIVE/GIVING as you can see in the post from Helen Vahdati, the creator of This Thing Called Life One Word at a Time.


I knew instantly which song to link today because I have just watched a movie which is kind of special to me because of the night I met Goldfinch one year ago exactly. “Breathe” was the film I never got to see because Goldfinch and I became rather distracted with each other.

When I watched it this weekend, I became rather choked up because one year after meeting Goldfinch it is easy to imagine loving him forever, loving him through both fair and hard times. It is going to be a huge wrench to say goodbye to him when he goes back to Australia.

It is exactly one year since I met Goldfinch and used my extra hour (end of British Summertime the clocks go back one hour) chatting with him and falling in love with him.

In the movie “Breathe” the characters played by Andrew Garfield and Claire Foy are dancing together to the famous Cole Porter song “True Love”, which was of course a famous part of the classic movie “High Society”, a musical remake of “The Philadelphia Story”.

While I give to you
And you give to me,
True love, true love.

Honeymooners at last alone.
Feeling far above par.
Oh, how lucky we are!
While I give to you
And you give to me,
True love, true love.
So on and on
It’ll always be,
True love, true love.
For you and I
Have a guardian angel
On high, with nothin’ to do.
But to give to you
And to give to me,
Love forever true.


And just in case you did not have chance to see the movie last year, here is a trailer for the film “Breathe”:

15 thoughts on “I Give To You And You Give To Me”

  1. Excellent choice for the challenge! And don’t laugh but I’d never heard of the movie until your post. But it looks like something I’d enjoy and will definitely look for.

    Good luck to you and Goldfinch! 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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