Since I Lost You

IMG_1345Sunday is here! I have been out all morning and it is gorgeous outside!

Sunday is of course “SONG LYRIC SUNDAY”. Please check out the post from the lovely Helen, host to this fabulous chance to share a musical moment and touch base with a long list of other bloggers.

This week’s theme is:


So many songs came to mind, but I have gone with this one simply because I love Kristina Train’s voice. Jackie Wilson and of course Aretha Franklin’s version may be more well known. But I have been really taken with Kristina’s voice over the past few years and am hoping she is working on new releases. Hearing her haunting notes “…I lost you, I lost you…” causes my eyes to brim over with tears.

I’m wandering, been moving to and from
just wandering, with no place to go,
since I lost you, lost you, all I ever do
is be wandering, ’til I wander back to you…
Oh, I’m wishing, been yearning for your kiss,
oh and I’ve been missing, the warmth of your caress,
since I lost you, I lost you, all I ever do
is be wandering, wandering, wandering,
wandering, I’ll be wandering, ’til I wander back to you…
I look on every corner, down every dismal street,
are you there?, are you there?, oh darling I repeat…
I visit all familiar places, there’s no one there but me,
where can you be?, where can you be?
oh darling, where can you be?…
Oh I’m praying, your touch for me has grown,
oh and I’m saying, for before it’s not been known
I love you, I love you, and all I ever do
is be wandering, crying, wandering, wandering
I’ll be wandering, ’til I wander, ’til I wander back to you
yeah, oh yeah, I’m gonna be, I’m gonna be wandering
’til I wander back to you, yeah, yeah,
oh wandering back to you!


Composer  Berry Gordy Jr., Tyran Carlo
Composition’s Year  1958
First Recording Artist  Jackie Wilson

Lyrics published by


16 thoughts on “Since I Lost You”

    1. So glad you think so….I am really in love with her voice.
      She has some great tracks of her own, but I love her covers of well known songs. She recorded “How Long Will I Love You?” (Waterboys) around the same time as Ellie Goulding. I feel as if Kristina Train absolutely smashed it – I believe she is in genuinely in love when I hear her voice singing that song!

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        1. How are you doing Rory? I can tell by your site that you are keeping yourself busy! I have been thinking about you since you shared the news with us. I can only imagine the mix of feelings.
          Anyways…we are all rooting for you.

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          1. Hey Mel,

            I am keeping myself busy, the challenge was a bigger competition than the previous ones and l am truly thankful that it is, as it allows me to not dwell for too long.

            As to how l am, well l think l will have to take the fifth on that 🙂

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            1. The fifth? Is that not to incriminate yourself?
              Keeping busy is helpful…but at some stage, thoughts and feelings are going to start percolating. Could be rough. We will be looking out for you in months to come!

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              1. Truth is, l am okay with my Dad’s death. he was ill, he died, not be callous just honest. at least the pain kept at bay for most of the time of the illness and for that l will always be thankful. I saw him in many respects hours before he passed away and perhaps he knew me somewhere..

                Perhaps if Dad and l had been closer it would have hit me harder, but he never allowed that from me. dad was made free the day he died, and as much as l loved him, his death has also in a spooky way set me free.

                My battle lies ahead with my Sister l think, and that may be the hardest battle yet.

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