Like A Lark Who Is Learning To Pray

I am in a mirthful mood.  I am sure I will tell you more about it at the weekend, but Goldfinch is fluttering down to see me after he flies back from Italy on Monday. So happy!

But even before I had that news, I was feeling happy. I have found myself singing since I published the post about the large picture on my bedroom wall. I do think my mind is generally a very happy mind.  I don’t dwell on things that drag me down.  I think happy cheery thoughts.  It is a very nice mind to have I must admit!  Especially considering there are of course some memories that could overwhelm me.  But they are all in sealed boxes on high up shelves in my mind and I do pretty well at keeping them there until there is a reason I need to consider them.

smiling cerealIn general my mind sees the good, the nice, the kind, the blessings. I am not blind to the not so good, the not so nice, the unkind and the challenges of life.  I am aware, but I don’t focus my mind on them.

It is a nice mind and I do try to protect it and nourish it with positive and wholesome thoughts. If there is something on my mind, aggravating my mind, I do try to do something about it so I can win back my peace.

Nope, I know that I am blessed beyond measure in so many ways.  The momentary trials in life do not permanently diminish my joy.

There are days when I honestly could skip down the street, my happiness is so abundant. Or try to say “Good Morning” to every one that passes me.  Or sing, and I mean full-on belt-it-out singing for everyone to hear! And what would I be singing?

Well, this is what I have been singing all week.  The lyrics capture what it is to have your mind filled with happy thoughts that lift your heart. There have been moments this week, when I wanted to stand up on the bus and start singing it out to all the other passengers.  Or sing it to all of the customers that come in to my workplace. I have had to remain content with singing it in the shower and in my head mostly. Aaaaah…happy is such a wonderful feeling!

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