Movies Ten….Explanations Zero




I am jumping on the bandwagon with what looks like a fun challenge:

10  movie challenge. You are to post just an image, no explanation, from 10 movies that had an impact on you. 10 movies, 10 images, no explanations.

You might not think much of my ten…but take a look at other bloggers below who have pubished posts with ten movies that had an impact on them. Even better, have a go yourself.  Publish a post with images from ten movies that had an impact on you – no explnation.  Send me a message so I can look out for your post and add a link to this post. Have fun!

15 thoughts on “Movies Ten….Explanations Zero”

  1. Well I pooched the screw on the RULES…I explained and no pictures really.. Umm. You have reminded me of a whole GENRE of beloved films “The “British” film” and your posting of “Waking Ned Devine” (one of my absolute FAVORITES ❤ ) brought me here. Calendar Girls, The Last of the Blonde Bombshells, Marigold Hotel (I and II, although I is always going to be my personal favorite), and so many more. Roan Inish (I can't think of the whole title) is another…oh my goodness! Lovely! Great list too, even though there are one or two I don't recognize, but I'm what? Two generations OLDER than y'all? About that. Some things haven't crossed the age barrier (yet). 😉

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    1. You went to extra effort Melanie! Just finding ten images made it a very quick post to put together…I only arrived home from work an hour ago and I have to get to bed as I have an electrician coming at 7am…so I thought this post was the one to work on as it didn’t take long.
      Waking Ned makes me laugh so much. I had a friend who lived near the village it was filmed in over in The Isle Of Man.

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  2. I think I would normally have been very tempted to explain my choices and the impact they have had on me…..
    …. only I am exhausted and it was easy to do it this way.
    I will have a look at your post in the morning…I should be asleep now.


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