Better Get Your Skates On


Did you own a pair of roller-skates?  Who knew such fun could be had on eight wheels!

My Dadda was determined to teach me how to lace my own shoes.  I struggled with it so much. It was was one of several key practical tasks that seemed to take me ages to master.

He patiently showed me time after time, but I gave up and in the end gave up, resorting to tucking my laces under my foot.

All changed when I was gifted with one of the most delightful presents I have ever received, a pair of blue roller-skates! They became the most prized of all my childhood possessions.

It did not take me long to master the lace-tying technique with this new incentive!

You cannot skate with loose laces. Nope, not unless you want to end up black and blue and on your way to the local Accident and Emergency unit.

Can you hear my Dadda: “Come on Mel, better get your skates on!”

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