He Is A Wanderer

I once had a lovely day with a rather wealthy male friend of mine.  He for some reason had chosen to make it his mission to try to flatter me and wine and dine me.

I was a little suspicious as I had heard (through the grapevine) he was not the type looking to settle down.  But all he did was ask me out for a drink.  I was determined that it would be only a drink.  And it was only ever a drink.

I don’t like to be unkind…but he kind of made me cringe.  I heard every clichéd chat-up line, every inept innuendo.  There were so many moments I wanted to bolt.  But I played dumb.  I completely ignored his suggestions and pretended I had not noticed he was embarrassing himself.  I had a great day because I was determined to be as innocent as a little lamb.

But I think I annoyed him you know!  Four years later I still receive texts and e-mails from him, suggesting we “pick up from where we left off”!  I have heard (through the grapevine) that he has been linked with other women, more than a few other women during the past four years. I rather suspect he texts numerous women in his contacts list hoping for a response.

I have told him I am with someone rather wonderful.  Even before I met Goldfinch, I made it clear that I didn’t think he and I were on the same page.  I don’t know if he thinks I am playing “hard to get” but I am not.  I just think he and I have very very different ideas about what life is all about and very different ideas when it comes to relationships.

For me…since I was able to notice I was no longer a little girl but had turned into a woman, I have been looking for someone to be my head for the rest of my life.  I am pretty certain my wealthy male friend enjoys being the bachelor and has no intention of giving up his wandering ways!

Oh well…we are all different.  I presume whatever is dictating his decisions in life is making him happy.  I am very happy as I am, and am convinced he could add no happiness at all to me, perhaps he would in fact rob me of happiness.

I think I will keep up my annoying habit of replying to his texts or e-mails a month or so after I receive them, with a remark like “thanks, all is well, hope you are ok too.”  Surely  he realizes that my lack of response is indicative of lack of interest.  I am just too kind to tell him to give me a rest!

8 thoughts on “He Is A Wanderer”

    1. I know a couple of men like him. Rich, went through divorces where they parted with a massive percentage of their wealth…and now they want to play the field without ever making a commitment with someone else, because they are afraid to lose another fortune!
      I don’t want to be beastly to him or anyone in his predicament…
      …however, my life is oh so very different, without the complications of having an excess of money, and I know how a great a chasm there is in the way he and I think and reason.

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