Macaroni Cheese Dreams

I had a restless night dreaming about things that are bad for me.

mac and cheese

Macaroni cheese, ice-cream, tiramisu, cheesecake, clotted cream and jam on scones.

I love all of these and yet I am really not at all good with dairy. They would seriously make me suffer. Dreaming about my inner secret cravings…cheesy fondue…melted cheese with Worcestershire sauce on toast…battered halloumi…left me tossing and turning all night.

Aaaaah! I have so much to do today, but I am dozy and I have panda eyes because of my macaroni cheese dreams.

Must have a nap before greeting my Goldfinch.

10 thoughts on “Macaroni Cheese Dreams”

  1. Yummmm halloumi! I love that stuffand it’s so expensive in the US! $11 a pack and the same back is 2 euros in Ireland! I stuffed my face with goats cheese and honey for breakfast though so as an equal opportunities cheeseholic I sympathize!

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    1. Funny enough I started making it when i moved to Newbury. I worked for a man who was 100 ears old and he asked me to make a macaroni cheese for him. I really like his recipe. These days I whizz up basil, pine nuts and vegan cheese to make my own pesto.
      I am not keen on rhubarb…
      But If it was not for the dairy I could devour a rice pudding.

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  2. I think you will find that macaroni cheese and rice pudding have been banned by Newbury Council on public health grounds. Peanut butter and doughnuts are now mandatory. Rhubarb is being monitored, after all even those who purport to ‘like’ the stuff can only eat it cooked in its own bodyweight of sugar, and custard – which of course falls foul of the milked-based pudding prohibition.

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