Please…I Don’t Want Summer To Be Over Yet

I think today might be the last day of sun and warmth this year.  I have to admit it has felt good seeing folks in shorts and T-shirts and sunglasses and sandals this morning.

I have to start work soon and spend the last day of warmth indoors.  Nevermind!

I know autumn can be very beautiful.   But I can’t wait until spring and summer return and I start to live again.  I am so eager for the cold dark months ahead to be over already and to be feeling the excitement build within me once I detect that life and colour  are returning.

See me now…riding my bike down dusty country lanes with my friends, all of us wearing our summer glad rags. Just have to grin and bear the six months or so of cold, grey, damp days.

Summer songs may help distract me:

11 thoughts on “Please…I Don’t Want Summer To Be Over Yet”

  1. I like to be warm, but not too warm, so I prefer Spring or Autumn months. I enjoyed reading this though, and the images of summer it conjures up.

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    1. We had a hot summer here in England this year, but normally summer here is just right.
      Because I am very much an outdoorsy person…I love the long daylight hours. Winter cramps my style and curtails my fun!
      I end up eating too much and feeling really low.
      Thank you for your lovely comment!

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  2. Summer is amazing. Our fall hit us just after September long weekend in Canada and it was not the pleasant leaves are changing, weather is amazing in day time and cool at night. No no no! Here it is Sept. 27th and I have my heat on!!! I am on countdown now until spring. 😦

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