And Crumpets For Breakfast Too…

Did you enjoy the Muppets advertising Warburtons Giant Crumpets?

Well…if you did, you might possibly enjoy this.

Peter Kay could be described as the quintessential…erm…I don’t think it is ever going to work is it?

He is is a popular comedian from the north of England…some of the content is linked to famous comic performances of his own (I only picked up on GAAAAAAARLIC BREAD!)

27 thoughts on “And Crumpets For Breakfast Too…”

  1. Good Morning Mel,

    I like Peter Kay as a comic, but that advert is awful – l am none too sure why advertising has literally become so very seedy in the last ten years or so, and struggle if it actually encourages people to purchase more – but but aye Peter Kay ‘s alright 🙂

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    1. Seedy it is! Although they passed over a lot of baking innuendos that pop up in The Great British Bake-Off.
      I do prefer the muppets one. It makes me want to cheer!
      I am sure I would like Peter Kay if he didn’t swear. I love his biscuit sketch, but I can’t watch it because of the language.
      I used to work up at the Manchester Arena (as I believe he did and has done some of his work based on his time there). I think that the Peter Kay add has so many things that would mean more to anyone from Bolton or the area.

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      1. Totally agree, l like a lot of comedians and yet l used to go and see them live and was seriously disappointed because of the swearing, when it wasn’t needed. I am not a prude by any standards but l sometimes think if something was funny without the swearing, why include it?

        I used to watch an American comic by the name of Kelly Monteith on BBC as a teenager and he used to burst my sides with his humour and l went to see him live at one of his shows, and it suddenly was just blue and l thought why?

        I stopped watching him after that, but when he wasn’t swearing he was truly funny.

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        1. Goldfinch took me to see a comedian recently one rainy Saturday afternoon. The guy was very funny at points…there was a hilarious interchange between him and a woman on the front row who fosters cats for the RSPCA. That was great. But language when oh so not needed throughout the show and then there was the racist bit. I was trapped, literally sitting at the seat furthest from the door in a dark cramped comedy club. But there were points when I contemplated walking over the audience a bit like Crocodile Dundee did at the end of the film in a packed subway station…do you remember the scene?

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              1. You just made me think of that film and the scene where a knife is pulled on Croc and he says ‘That’s not a knife – now this, this is a knife!” makes me laugh just thinking back on it 🙂

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                  1. Blimey bidets l treated those things with the same contempt as the notorious Greek hole in the ground on the roadside cafe l frequented when on holiday once and the utter horror when l slipped!!!

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                    1. I can’t bring myself to share any toilet stories from my time in West Africa…I have just eaten my breakfast afterall.
                      When I was in Romania we stayed in an apartment with a padded toilet seat. Whenever you sat down on it some air would whoosh out of the toilet seat which sounded like a ripe raspberry was being blown. Oh dear…it caused enormous amusement. Who thought of padding toilet seats?
                      I mean, I guess there are some who would appreciate them, for particular reasons, but they are not the best choice for a typical household.

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                    2. No, they are not lol!

                      I have some terrible toilet stories from around the world Mel, so can sympathise with you 🙂

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    1. I am not sure how well known he is outside of the UK…but Peter Kay is a very popular comedian here.
      I know some of his stuff is very funny, but as with a lot of stand-up comedians I avoid because of the frequent bad language.

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    1. I can tell it is going to be a 50/50 split on this one…to those who have never heard of Peter Kay, it is probably pretty scary.
      I like anything that resembles a spoof…and a spoof of Pride & Prejudice is always going to get my attention.
      I am kind of glad he didn’t agree to do the wet T-shirt scene like the real Mr Darcy!

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      1. He did the Poldark thing, which was bad enough. I thought it was very funny. I am also a huge fan of Crumpets, I always have some in the cupboard. I like them with Cheddar cheese on. My friend thinks I’m mad because he says that the only things you can put on crumpets are butter and honey. 🙂

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        1. Oooooh…I am perfectly content with butter oooozing into every hole in the crumpet
          ….but love crumpets with cheese too
          …and love crumpets with honey.
          But most important is the cup of tea with the crumpet!

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