Sisters In The City!

I am still recovering from my Friday! I was working for fourteen hours in total yesterday and ended the day injured by one of the heaviest objects I have ever had the misfortune to pick a fight with!  An enormous heavy marble slab toppled over onto my poor ickle tootsie and so now I have a blue and fat foot. Hardly fortuitous!

But nothing will burst my bubble this weekend…because…two of my sisters are heading to London!  How exciting!!!!!!!  Both live over two hundred miles from me, and over one hundred miles away from each other, so it has been a while since we were all together at the same time.  For anyone who has sisters anywhere near as fabulous as mine, you surely must understand what it is like to be this excited!

I am number five of seven children, and it is number six and seven who are heading my way!  Well, I have a few things to do before their arrival…but I will keep an eye out for new posts appearing in WP Reader.

Hope you enjoyed these familiar and fabulous faces who all look like they belong up on a carnival float with those huge feather fans!  I just gotta get me one of those!  How have I lived this long without one?