Oh Me! Oh My!

It is past midnight here my lovely friends…only I just noticed I missed an absolutely fabulous word prompt today:


I could fill pages and pages with true life stories…but I am working a lorra lorra hours tomorrow…so I will have to share some of them in the future.

But just so that I do not forget…I need to tell you one day about Dean…the older brother of Polly, one of my best friends up in Lancashire.

For one day, I was quite literally leaning on a lamppost on the corner of the street when oh me oh my, Dean appeared like a vision…what a crush, what an infatuation I had with that gorgeous boy!  I have a story too to go along with that confession…but it is just too late now, way past my bedtime!

I really ought to tell you the whole story of what happened with Dean and that day I was leaning on a lamppost! It’s quite a funny/embarrassing/fond memory of mine. He is a good lad…and I still smile thinking about him.




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