Kids! I Am Not Cut Out For Them

I must say I do enjoy all the different writing prompts from other bloggers.  I am sure I would not have published much left to my own devices for inspiration.  It would just be the Jack and Goldfinch site.

Well here is a challenge I have not tried before, it comes from estherchiltonblog whom, from what I can see, is an excellent encouragement to other writers.

This week’s challenge is to write a story, limerick or poem on the subject of:


For a long time people who know me have said I would make a great mother.  I think they presume because I like baking and cleaning and have a gentle way about me, I am mother material. I have no idea why they make such an outrageous claim!  Truth be told, I would make a useless mother and I am happy to explain why.

Kids will always have the edge over me when it comes to wits.  I am a softie.  They figure that out in about eight minutes and then they take advantage.

Kids are so smart! I am not embarrassed to admit it, kids are far more clever than I am.  I know from experience.

My friends marvel at the rapport I seem to have with kids.  If I am left in the company of a little one it takes a few minutes for the two of us to be having a captivating conversation.  I get on with children and find them fantastic for conversation.  They are often very honest and logical and have a great ability to reason.

So they assume that if I can achieve those results within minutes, I would be a great baby-sitter, or in the future a mother.  Wrong!  Conversation is one thing, but I cannot take responsibility for a child who decides they are going to do something completely crazy.  Kids just don’t listen to me when they are determined to do something ludicrous. They know how soft I am and they try to convince me they know best and I know nothing.

Even my niece who is around 16 months of age is too clever for her own good.  She learnt to walk before she was a year old, and not long after that she learnt to climb…it is exhausting trying to keep up with her to make sure she doesn’t injure herself.  But she is too young to understand why we are all having kittens about how quick she is on her little legs.

I am full of admiration for parents everywhere.  I marvel at my parents who were so successful with seven of us.  The lessons both my parents taught me and the example they set for me are such a treasure that will surely guide my steps for the rest of my life.

If I were to marry a man that I believed would be a great father-figure and he wanted to start a family, I would review my conviction that I would not make a great mother at all.  If he could at least keep the kids from impaling themselves or breaking any bones, perhaps I could help with all the other stuff.

Because I don’t have the energy to keep up with kids:

FOWC with Fandango — Smart

13 thoughts on “Kids! I Am Not Cut Out For Them

  1. I didn’t do motherhood like my peers. I had migraines and a bad back, so early on I couldn’t carry babies when they whined and I insisted on low volume (voices, TV, etc.). Funny what children get used to when it’s all they know. And my girls were not deprived because I didn’t pick them up after age 2 or let them scream in the car ~ they are kind, educated, successful adults. That said, it’s perfectly fine not to have kids! 🙂

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    1. I guess everyone is different, all families are different. There are so many different ways to provide the love, guidance and care children need.
      I have never been able to imagine myself as a parent. But I have been amazed at some of my friends and how and how much they changed once they had a little one to care for.

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    1. I remember the first time I saw this video – I loved it! One of my friends worked on the marketing team that promoted that Evian campaign. She said when they saw it for the first time, they were all in shock, but loved it.

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