I Reckon He’s Going To Be Tall Just Like His Dad

Do you want to see something almost too cute to be true?

It being Tuesday Newsday, I was trying to find out what is going in the world on the BBC News website and I became distracted by this:


Of course, I have an element of slightly mixed feelings as I would prefer to see all giraffes in the wild and not in zoos.  But zoos exist, and often aid endangered animals. I have visited zoos and safari parks and aquariums throughout my life and been excited to observe many different creatures.  My favourites are always the giraffes.  They seem to move so gracefully, I am completely enchanted by them.

To cheer you up even more…how about a clip from a giraffe who escaped the zoo with his friends?  Here is a moment King Julien finds Melman the giraffe who believes he has just a couple of days to live. What a unique mentor King Julien makes!  I honestly don’t know any other lemur who is as smart as King Julien.

And if you are a Madagascar fan…you will love this…great housework music:



FOWC with Fandango — Smart



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