Dad Is Defiant Of The Doctor

Doctor Killjoy told Dad to abstain from cake…my father’s response was to abscond.  The last time he visited the Doctor’s surgery was fifteen years ago.

He still eats pretty much whatever he wants, (nothing challenges his digestion) runs for miles each week and has not been ill since I was about fourteen.  Not bad for a man who is over seventy.

Tomorrow, we are heading out for a stroll through the woods to soak up the last images of verdant foliage before summer fades into our memories vowing to return in 2019. And I have made a treat for him…Goldfinch loved it, Milly and her husband loved it…hoping Dadda will love it too.

vanilla cheesecake

FOWC with Fandango — Abstain

4 thoughts on “Dad Is Defiant Of The Doctor

  1. Keep walking, Caramel. Autumn is just as fab as summer, if not fabber and there’s little better than a slice of something cakey-bakey when you’ve got home and forced your muddy boots off in the fading light of 4pm. All times of year are magnificent and a damn good excuse for cake and your father. Goldfinches can stick to seeds if they want to, but the true answer to life is cake.

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    1. I am hoping for lots of autumn walks this year….
      You have some incredible walks around Newbury. I loved walking out in the sticks when I lived in Enborne.
      Cake certainly is the best way to end a walk…
      Or…a steaming hot cuppa with some buttery toast….yum!


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