I Have Big Plans For Today

My plan for today was to catch up on sleep (which I believe I have done so)…

…feed the goldfish upstairs…

…run down to Sainsbury’s (supermarket, in case you are not a local) and do some food shopping, cook large amounts of that food and freeze most of it for busy days when I have no time to cook (because living in London, that is so often the case)…

…clean my kitchen (which of course I can only do after all the cooking)…

…talk to Goldfinch…

…catch up on reading posts on WordPress…

…and make sure I check out all the comments and posts on the blog party HistorianRuby  HistorianRuby is hosting…

…write you a comprehensive post connected to the industrial revolution while sipping a glass of wine (so if my post is not absolutely historically accurate you will know it is because I could possibly be a wee bit tipsy by then).

tipsy2I must admit, I am already looking forward to being back in bed and falling asleep all over again.

Sunday has only just begun…

Have a wonderful day, catch you later!

PS. If you are a newbie blogger, you must head straight over to Historian Ruby’s blog party, it is a lovely way to meet other bloggers and contribute to a lovely supportive blogging community – don’t be shy!  Go and say hello!  The link to her blogging party is directly below.

WordPress seems to have decided I am a robot or a spammer because none of my pingbacks and comments seem successful today.  But at least I am trying!



You’re all Welcome to Join HistorianRuby on a Trip to the Museum!


FOWC with Fandango — Comprehensive


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