Good Grief…I Found My Teeth

Recently, my sister Milly picked up a few items from my flat on the other side of London. She brought back some clothes and books and personal items.  I have been sorting out what she brought back and trying to decide what was useful and what I could give away.

I opened a box today and found my Purdy paintbrushes, books and training manuals (including my beloved house-keeping manual) and then there was a little gift bag with two unidentifiable objects in them.

One turned out to be a blue latex glove with some strange funny little objects inside.  I could not think what they were…and then I suddenly remembered someone had given me them at work and told them to put them down to protect the plants I had outside my French doors (I never used them) – slug pellets.  I didn’t have any problem with slugs eating my plants.

The other object was a tube full of some kind of liquid.  When I shook it to try to figure out what on earth I had kept it for, I had such a fright…it was my wisdom teeth.  Wisdom teeth are huge aren’t they.  I have no idea why I kept them.

Brings back memories…again, memories linked to my ex-flatmate.  Memories of what he did just before I went to hospital to have my wisdom teeth removed.  Anyway…I will not think about that right now…I need to leave him inside my drafts folder until I have the emotional energy to write about him again.


12 thoughts on “Good Grief…I Found My Teeth”

    1. My mouth was too small for my wisdom teeth, they could never come through properly, so I had problems with them. I was so glad to have them taken out.
      But I can’t imagine why I kept them! They are absolute brutes!

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  1. When I was just out of college, we didn’t have email yet, so I wrote letters to my girl friend who still had a year to go. One time, I sent her my wisdom teeth in the envelope. She opened it up at the lunch table she was sharing with friends and my teeth went skittering out onto the table. Everyone freaked out. I haven’t thought about this in years.

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