If I Could, I Would

I am not sure why this song is going round and round my head?

Is it because I am worried I may have been a bit less than chipper last time I was with Goldfinch…because I was so incredibly tired?

Or…is it because my ex-flatmate (who we are calling Jack) has been on my mind all week?

I could not post Cher’s original video, she is wearing next to nothing and a leather jacket while she skips about a navy ship.  What would Jethro Gibbs have to say about that? This will have to do.


8 thoughts on “If I Could, I Would

  1. I know what you mean about THAT outfit. I for one wouldn’t want to be seen wearing it in front of some salty old seamen, and I’d be bound to ladder my tights clambering up and straddling a 4.5 inch Mark 8 Mod 1 naval gun. The tune ain’t bad, but Caramel, if you are going to heed any 80’s diva’s vocals, I’d strongly advocate Yazz’s The Only Way is Up … it’s always easy and very tempting to look back, but like Davey Jones’ locker, no good lies there.

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