It Will Never Stand Up In Court

Today’s picture prompt from  The Haunted Wordsmith  The Haunted Wordsmith:

The prosecution’s case depended on the testimony of an eye-witness to 483 individual acts of piracy, kidnapping and theft, as well as an array of other allegations.


The defense lawyer smiled, he knew the witness would not even be allowed in court, let alone be asked to raise his wing and swear on the holy scriptures that he was telling the whole truth…

His client Captain Black Beard had nothing to fear from his turncoat parrot.  The defence lawyer could only guess what kind of bonus he would receive from his client after the trial was over.

10 thoughts on “It Will Never Stand Up In Court

    1. Thank you…I saw Teresa’s picture prompt half an hour before I was due to start work…and knowing this was going to be one of the longest working days I have ever had, I wanted to type up something as fast as I could…
      I watched an episode of US courtroom drama “Bull” last night (because Micheal Weatherly reminds me of my ex-flatmate so much). So my mind was fixed on a court setting.
      I only finished work at 1am…

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  1. Having a parrot as a witness to all those crimes would probably be considered, like wiretapping, inadmissible evidence, seeing the accused wasn’t forewarned that the parrot would one day tell all. Or maybe it would fall into that “a wife can’t testify against her husband” loophole? 😉

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    1. I have to admit…as soon as I saw the parrot…all that came to mind was the episode of “Bull” with Michael Weatherly that I saw last night! I am sure other bloggers would have used the picture prompt completely differently, but my mind was fixed on a courtroom showdown!

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