Just Some (Not All) Of The Things That Make Me Happy

Although I am obviously way out of sync with these, I found I could not resist another writing prompt from Sarah   Sarah Elizabeth Moore


Right up there at the top are my family and friends who now feel like family.  Goldfinch makes me very happy.  I feel happy when I have worked and can rest up and relax.  I feel happy when I see my loved ones are happy.

I have a long list of other things that make me happy…

I mean how about all that for a start!!!!

Life should be full of happy moments, wonderful people and experiences who make your existence colourful and rich!  Then when hard times come, you have a treasure of memories to keep you going, focused on the joy to be had in the future.

Yup…I have absolutely no shortage of ideas to include in my response to the prompt:

What would make me even happier is if everybody on the planet was able to enjoy life like we were designed to.

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