Pining For Goldfinch

Goldfinch is on holiday.  He is staying in a mansion with a group of friends and they are indulging in one of their favourite hobbies this bank holiday weekend.

I am happy for he is happy – he is in his element this weekend.  I am very happy that he is happy.

I, however, am pining after him, and will confess I am a little leaky eyed thinking of how dear to me he has become.

I am not sure how to use the word prompt interrelationship…but it made me think of the relationship that is bringing me intense joy and at times sadness…my beloved Goldfinch who will be leaving in less that three months for Australia.

6 thoughts on “Pining For Goldfinch

    1. Thank you Kristian….
      ….missing him a lot….
      …I think I am especially feeling because I had to cancel some of my own plans for the bank holiday weekend because I was so tired after covering other people’s holidays at work. So most of the weekend I was doing house-work and shopping online.
      But I am seeing some friends in a short while for a bite to eat, which I am sure will cheer me up.

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