A Movie Memory In Bath

I am wondering if you are reminded of the same movie scene I am when you see this photograph:

To be honest, I was not sure when I saw it, I just remarked to Goldfinch that it reminds me of the scene in Les Miserables where Javert is having his meltdown…or crises of conscience.

javertAfter spying on Enjolras and his companions at the barricade, Javert is recognized and captured.  Jean Val-Jean (who is there to find Marius, with whom Cosette is in love) volunteers to execute Javert, but rather than dispense with Javert’s life, Jean Val-Jean shows him mercy and allows him to escape. Javert cannot handle the fact that Jean Val-Jean could have rid himself of the man who has been hunting him down, but instead showed him mercy.  Javert has been pursuing Jean Val-Jean for many years believing his goal was to dispense justice.

Well…when I arrived back in London, I googled where this scene of Javert’s demise was filmed and sure enough it was Pulteney Weir in Bath.  These are two of my photos of Pulteney Weir…where Javert’s crises was filmed:

Goldfinch and I shared a cream tea in a little cafe on Pulteney Bridge – well I drank all of the tea, he had a Ferrero Rocher milkshake…but we shared the scones.   Nothing like tea and scones to help you get a handle on your life.clotted cream

I have read “Les Miserables” by Victor Hugo three times.  I love it, it is one of my all time favourite novels.  It is is just such a long read.  Epic!  The musical – well…some of the songs are frankly marvellous, I think you have to be a bit hard-hearted not to find them touching.  Although I find it really hard to hear Fantine singing “I Dreamed A Dream” without thinking of Susan Boyle and Simon Cowell which, I am afraid to say, casts a bit of a cloud over it for me.

Anyway…so far, nobody has ruined this gorgeous song for me yet…although I wondered if I will be able to bear hearing it after Goldfinch has gone to Australia?  At least there will always be plenty of tea and scones to wash away my sadness.  If Javert had only turned right at the bridge and found the same cafe as Goldfinch and I…after a cuppa and a warm scone with jam and cream, things would have been in much better perspective.

Go on…turn it up…let the tears flow!  Then afterwards make yourself a cuppa.


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7 thoughts on “A Movie Memory In Bath”

  1. Les Mis is far and away my favorite musical. I have seen it performed live on stage four times and it still chokes stoic, old me every time. I also read the novel, but i thought it was a hard book to get through. I started it several times before I managed to finally read the whole thing.

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    1. I read it a long time before I saw the musical…and because I enjoyed Alexandre Dumas’ books so much, Victor Hugo was a very natural follow on and I could not put it down. The first time I read Les Mis, it was hot on the back of The Count Of Monte Cristo.
      When I saw the musical….well, there is no way they can possibly attempt to pack too much from the novel in…it would be impossible…but I love it for the songs, the music, the emotion.
      The songs, the music are utterly beautiful and I too end up with watery eyes no matter how many times I see it when friends visit London.

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  2. I am a massive and obsessed Les Mis, who is still an emotional wreck either watching the film, listening to the songs alone or seeing the stage show. The songs are so powerful that it just hits your soul and heart in a way that words alone can’t describe

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  3. I vouch for the quality of Hugo’s book, and I have read long books (a lot of Dickens) in my time. However, I made the mistake of trying to read Les Miserables as an ebook. It is exactly the kind of book you can’t read on such a reader because it takes 14,000 screens, and because you can’t easily move back and forth, I kept losing track of the plot. I should try again. Right after I read Don Quixote, another one that is on my Bucket List. Enjoyed your entry!

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    1. Even though they are all long reads, I like Les Mis, and other epic books like War & Peace, Count of Monte Cristo…
      I have never tried to read a novel on an electronic device though, I am a bit of a luddite – only blogging jist does not work with paper and pen! Ooooh Don Quixote – have never read that either!


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