My life according to…

I am taking up the fantastic challenge I saw this past week from  the britchy one  the britchy one in her post below:

“…I thought this looked like fun! Using only song names from ONE ARTIST, ie a solo performer, answer these questions. I’m starting as I mean to go on by NOT tagging anyone but I’d love it if anyone wants to have a go – if you do please link to me so I don’t miss it! Try not to repeat a song title if possible. If you have to it’s okay though!!…”

Here we go then:

Your Artist:       Tom Jones
Are you male or female:        She’s a Lady

Describe yourself:       “Little Lonely One”
How do you feel about yourself:       “I Was Born to Be Me”
Describe where you currently live:       “Tower of Song”
First thing you think when you wake up:        What’s New Pussycat?

If you could go anywhere, where would you go: ”     “Detroit City

…err…passed through Detroit once and it did not go well!

Your favourite form of transportationI’ll Sail My Ship Alone
Your best friend is: “Lonely Joe” / “A Boy from Nowhere”
Your favourite colour isGreen, Green Grass of Home

What’s the weather like:      “I’ve Been Rained On Too”
If your life were a TV show, it would be called:       “A Woman’s Touch” 
What is life to you:      “Dancing Endlessly”
The best advice you have to give:     You Can Leave Your Hat On

If you could change your name, it would be:    “Letter to Lucille”

(Not Delilah!!!)

Your favourite food is:     “The Young New Mexican Puppeteer

(Mexican! – that was a tough one)

My soul’s present condition:   “If I Only Knew” / “It’s Not Unusual

The faults I can bear“Chills and Fever” / “This and That”
How would you describe your love life:

Haaaa – I am not vain enough to say: “Sex Bomb

…I guess the truth is more like:

 “Kiss” / “Move Closer” / “Darlin’” / “What a Night!”/ “Do You Take This Man?”

 “He’ll Have to Go” / “I’ll Never Fall in Love Again” / “Stop Breaking My Heart”

Let’s go with:  “Help Yourself”

That was fun!!!

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Please have a go…so much fun!  Remember to include a link to  the britchy one  the britchy one!

15 thoughts on “My life according to…”

    1. I couldn’t even if I tried! I was so relieved when I saw a Lucille in his discography!!!
      You can be Delilah…
      That was fun! I was going to try Elivis – but he had such a long discography I gave up. Tom Jones is one of my favourites for karaoke…so it seemed the right choice!

      Liked by 1 person

        1. He is not a big sports fan really. He does like the outdoors, he likes travel, hiking, art, eating out, films, music…he is always up for new experiences. He is concerned about the environment though, hates pollution and economic extremes.

          Liked by 1 person

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