Calling All Males – Help!!!

I need help…seriously.  I am throwing my plight upon all males out there and asking for genuine honest suggestions?  What do I buy as a gift for Goldfinch for a special event that is coming up soon?

I am totally stuck…my mind has drawn a blank.  I am looking through websites and none of them are helping.

He is in his forties.  He does not drink, or smoke, he likes art – but I have already bought him two art sets and given him my bakes and chocolates galore!  It can’t be an enormous or heavy gift as he is going back to Australia in three months.

I am not great with gifts anyway…but, at the moment I feel quite hopeless.  So tell me what would a man want as a gift???  Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated!!!

9 thoughts on “Calling All Males – Help!!!”

  1. I’d suggest an “experience” thing! A tasting session, a driving experience, hot air balloon ride, a trip to the Islebof Wight, the National Soace Center, a football/sports stadium, game, play concert. A flying lesson, a channel tunnel day trip. Memories or photos are lightweight!!

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  2. Way too late for this post, as usual 😦 but, should the question arise again ‘sometime’…

    … you said for a special event? Hmmmm… not sure of the budget available…

    … a day-trip to a place you think he’d enjoy that you could explore together (to make a special memory of that he can always ‘carry’?) Or, a Thames river cruise maybe? A book/music by his favourite author/singer?

    What would a hedonist like? 🙂 🙂 Maybe i’m not the person to best answer that?


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