You Took All The Colours Away

I hope you believe me when I say I have a sunny smiley disposition and am mostly brimming with joy.  I have my moments…but at the moment nothing that a good curry or a telephone call to a family member or a night out with friends cannot cure.

However…I am starting to feel gloomy about Goldfinch going back to Australia in four months time.  I don’t want it to brew on it, stew on it, find myself being blue because of it.  I would rather maintain my happiness and enjoy every moment while he is here, and grieve after he has gone.

I have my grieving song all ready to play over and over when he has gone.  I have already started singing it in the shower.  Between you and me…I really don’t want him to go – sob sob.

I remember colours painted in my eyes
Green was for the springtime, blue the summer skies
And now the skies have darkened, the white clouds turn to grey
What a way to break a heart, you took all the colours away

Dark black is the colour of my life
Since you’ve been gone
Since you’ve been gone
Oh if you come back
Make my whole world bright
Since you’ve been gone
Dark black is the colour of my life

I remember visions, you taught me how to see
The world of vived colours was right there in front of me
Oh but what good is a rainbow, if the picture’s in black and in white?
Oh what good is a future when there’s not a colour inside?

Since you’ve been gone
Since you’ve been gone

14 thoughts on “You Took All The Colours Away”

    1. I would love to. My mum’s family are Australian. Ironically, my brother spends half of the year in Edinburgh and half of the year in the city where Goldfinch owns a five bed-roomed house and where his family live. My uncle used to live in the same city and was the director of a large company before he became involved with politics there and held office.
      I have links, I have reasons, I have a huge amount of motivation…but my pennies are rather short when it comes to the cost of the flight. Perhaps..when it really hits home how much I miss him, maybe I will work every hour under the sun to be able to get to him.

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      1. There are some great cheap flight sites like that might be worth a look. I still get a weekly email of offers from them and some of the prices are amazing. Signing up to that and were the best things I ever did travel wise

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