Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow…

Right…addressing any other residents of Wales, Ireland, Scotland, England…

…can we make a pact, never ever to complain about rain, snow, cold, grey, damp, mist or any of the other weather that characterises our normally green land?

I think  The Haunted Wordsmith  The Haunted Wordsmith might be teasing us today with her picture prompt!  Here we are flaking away in the sweltering heat, and we have a photo of snow.


Photo credit: Couleur @ pixabay.com

It would appear that we are not great at coping with extremes here in the UK at all.  We love the snow, we love the sun, they are a rare treat.  However…I think both show up where we are a bit soft.

I am one of the many, who are truly trying to enjoy the sunshine where we can, drinking water by the bucket and trying not to move too quickly because I don’t want to be dripping with sweat.  Really trying not to complain about the sun.  Resolute I will never ever complain again about rain and snow and ice and fog and cold.

However, everything around me seems to be dying.  Yellow grass everywhere I go, the bonsai has popped it’s clogs, and the ivy that crawls up next door’s wall has shrivelled up.

My weather fantasy right now is opening up the front door and feeling a bitterly cool breeze encircle me.  Moments later snowflakes start to flutter down and rest on my skin.

Do you think the snowman in the photo is laughing at us?  We are fading away and he looks pretty smug to me!

I just realized that Wales, Ireland, Scotland, England in that order is WISE.  That is my thought for the day…not in any way political, I just think it’s sweet.  I was born in England and I live in England, but I have family and dear friends throughout all four…and I have never noticed that they spell out WISE.


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