The Britchy One Has Nominated Me For 3.2.1 – Quote Me! “Being You And Only You”

you and only you

Recently, I was nominated by none other than   the britchy one for a challenge, as you can read in her post below:

3.2.1 – Quote Me! “Being You And Only You”

She has a very enticing blogsite – oh she makes me laugh my socks off almost everyday.  Brilliant blogger!

You may be aware I have been living out of a suitcase for a couple of weeks, so this challenge has been lying dormant in my drafts folder, but I found the challenge incredibly enticing right from the start and have been giving it thought and changing the quotes I had settled on many times.

Now…I have not done one of these before…so please be patient with me because I was a bit clueless in all honesty, so it has been lying in my drafts folder while I have been away on holiday until I could do it justice.

To understand what I was supposed to do I went all the way to the Creator of these challenges   A Guy Called Bloke and K9 Doodlepip! who explained it all rather beautifully in his post 321 Quote Me – Who Wants to Play?

ONE THEME: Being You And Only You

TWO QUOTES: So here come my two quotes:


So…I must admit this quote is not really one I fully subscribe to.  It is an Oscar Wilde quote – it makes me laugh, but nah, it is not me.  However, I do think I have finally understood the importance of having a healthy self-esteem.  It is wise to do what you can to make first your inner person and then your outer person attractive to others, we could even to go so far as to say enticing to others (for every wholesome reason!)

For years, I was overly self-critical.  I have learnt that it is much healthier to be aware of and value your own good points as a foundation to be able to genuinely love others. When I did not like my chubby face, my freaky feet, my wobbly lumps and bumps, the sound of my voice and I thought I looked terrible whatever I was wearing, it made me kind of glum and downcast.  I realized that is no way to live…and no way to love others either.

quote 1

This quote – well, I have no idea who first voiced these words to be honest.  It is another one that I half agree with.  I don’t in any way look for challenges or find them enticing.  I don’t rush headlong into challenges just so that I can learn something and grow – uh no!  But I do appreciate looking back that it was situations that I found challenging that made me realize I had strengths I never imagined.  And yes, I have also picked up on weaknesses that I did feel I needed to change.

I have had two major challenges in my life – one I am still in the middle of.  I love the mantra LET CHALLENGES MAKE YOU BETTER, NOT BITTER.

Hope these blogging challenges are making me a better blogger!!!

And finally


manikavenkat  The New Writer
I hope you enjoy the challenge as much as I have.  Have fun!
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