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ironingI usually have a post all ready for publishing first thing in the morning…but not today!  Today is ironing day!  I need to do a lot of catching up and sort out some of the photos I took while I was away to see what might be of interest to anyone except my family and friends – don’t want to overdo it with holiday spam!

My own posts are very much neglected after I spent a long time last night working my way through the posts and comments from other bloggers on these two pillars of the blogging world:

It was definitely worth making the time for these great provisions though.  It’s great to have the support from other bloggers helping us reach our full blogging potential!  Oh how we do miss The Daily Post Provisions.  The bloggers who have set up their own avenues to keep everyone connected deserve a huge thank you from all of us.  I know there are more out there, so please forgive me if I have not mentioned your community posts – or send me a message so I can add you to this post.

thank you.jpg

I have twelve posts in my drafts folder that I am working on – all with great potential – but not one of them do I have the mental energy for until I have some more coffee inside of me.  All those drafts have issues I need to iron out.

But right now I really do have to prioritise on my ironing!  I came back to London yesterday.  I emptied my suitcase and I have already done some washing and ironing…but the rest of my clothes I put into storage under my bed and I have pulled everything out this morning and everything is squished and crumpled.

So, I am going to wade my way through a mountain of ironing.  Which is fine – I lovetaylors coffee ironing!  Then I need to go shopping, because I have lots of coffee in the flat…and then all I have is jars of herbs and spices.  I  cleared everything out because people were staying here while I was away.

So far today, I have only had black coffee…and have ironed around a quarter of my clothes.  I have been working my way through my e-mails also and made two phone-calls to companies who have invited me for an interview.  That’s something else I may not have mentioned.  Let me just check…oh yes, there it is, in my drafts folder, I am not ready to publish it yet, but a full account of my search for another job – potentially the perfect job.

bb-and-cf.jpgI am so used to having constant chatter for the past couple of weeks that it suddenly seems eerily quiet here.  So, I think while I finish off my ironing I am going to find something to have on the TV to keep me company…oooh Cherish Finden and Benoir Blin – ooooh, that should be good.  All the potential to keep my mind occupied while I am ironing.

So think of me, sorting out my little abode today, pulling everything back out of storage and putting it back in it’s little place…and ironing pretty much everything I own.  I promise to put a bit more time into some of my other posts at some stage.


I am going to say “Ciao for now” and carry on with my ironing.

I can’t think straight until I have made this little place orderly again.  Only then can I reach my full potential.

via Potential — Word of the Day Challenge

15 thoughts on “Bloggers Helping Us Reach Our Full Potential”

    1. Aaaah Kristian – I do genuinely love my ironing. I am blessed with living in a basement flat that stays super cool even in the hot weather.
      Once I have completed my Mount Everest, I would offer to help with your Scafell Pike.
      I would give you a blogger’s discount – £9 per hour.

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  1. lol great use of the prompt, glad you like ironing coz I sure don’t!
    Looking forward to those holiday shots and congrats on getting interviews 🙂 Here’s hoping you get your dream job …

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    1. Thank you so much Kate. I was half-way through the post when I saw your word-prompt appear. The past few weeks I have struggled to keep up with other boggers because I have been travelling and visiting so many people and places. I have been wanting to take part in another Word-prompt for so long and so glad today worked out well.

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      1. lol seems you have been super busy so be kind to yourself … get that dream job and blog when you have time … that organising and ironing is important when you have interviews coming up! Thanks for joining in the fun 🙂

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  2. By the way you portray yourself from the post which i went through,i gather you are much worried about how you look, as you have mentioned ‘ironing your clothes’. next is you concentrate on too much travelling and must be loaded with lots of dough as travelling hell of a money. good. keep going. by the by thanks for liking my post.

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    1. Oh you made me smile….£9 for a train ticket to Crewe and then I used public transport to skip around Liverpool, Wigan, Manchester, Chester, and then was in my sister’s car while we toured Snowdonia. £17.50 for a ticket back to London. It was a holiday staying with friends and family and all on a shoestring budget.
      I do like my clothes to be neat. I don’t mind crumpled clothes when I am doing my housework, but outside, yeah of course I want to look like I care about my appearance.
      Look forward to reading more of your posts.


  3. Well again you are fast enough. i have a great liking for London as i played Monopoly in my younger days and is much facinated with the names Trafalgur square, Mayfair, parklane, pentonville, etc. Even my grandson likes to own Mayfair parklane when he plays monopoly. I only can dream of going to London as i am a down to earth man with a few pennies.

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    1. I love monopoly too.
      London is definitely worth a visit. Travel can be very expensive. I usually only travel to wherever I have friends or family so I just have to pay for the travel and not have to worry about accommodation costs.
      But no matter where I go…it is people that make a place special. And without the beautiful green parks, I could not cope with living in a city.


  4. I hope you managed to get through all of your ironing today! It is one of my least favourite jobs and one that I usually end up doing on a Sunday night so I am ready for the week ahead. More importantly though, congratulations on the interviews, I hope they are fruitful for you!

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