It’s Never The One You Haven’t Met…It’s Always The One You Can’t Forget

holding handsSome couples have a song.  Not all, but I think it is really cute. We had a song…unfortunately.  I only say “unfortunately”, because it is a song I love, yet whenever I hear it…my mind floods with memories of him.

I wanted to write up the story of the few days of happiness my ex-flatmate and I, had soaring above the clouds together, before it all came crashing down.

I have made a start…but I am going to have to leave it in my drafts folder as a “worPaul Buchan 1k in progress” right now.  For now, I thought I would just share his smile and our song.  After so many long posts, I though you might be glad of a short one…with a song thrown in as an extra.  Plus, I am travelling back to London today, I don’t have time for a long post.

He performed it (our song) live more than once.  I did mention his being on stage and on camera a lot.  I guess what most people call a celebrity.  To me, he was just a man I met, who became friendly with me, and then moved into the flat I was already sharing with other friends.  Celebrity status did not count for anything in our flat.

This post is to celebrate him.  Part of my efforts to turn the tide of opinion towards the man who is THE LOVE OF MY LIFE.  Remember, despite what he did…I want you to think happy thoughts toward him.

Here is our song:

Of course I would stand by him…every day of my life.

50…not 15…50!

5 thoughts on “It’s Never The One You Haven’t Met…It’s Always The One You Can’t Forget

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  3. Having gone through your post, i guess you are with a broken heart. please listen to the Song ‘ SUMMER WINE’ sung by Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazeelwood (a 1967 song) which i still love to hear over and over again.


  4. Thank you, I will listen to that song.
    The site I set up has lots of posts explaining some of what happened with my ex-flatmate. It is a bit of an odd situation.
    He and I were friends but we both faced a quite crazy degree of interest from others about the nature of our relationship. He is a “celebrity”. It intensified over time, especially when he moved into the flat I was sharing with other friends.
    I received thousands of comments through various avenues, and daily even face to face about him.
    He and I became very awkward with each other. I am preparing posts to explain more but in a delicate way.
    One night I could not face going back to the flat because I could not bear to see him. Instead I went to a park, where I was a victim of a crime.
    This site is about recovering from all that and learning to love and loving life.
    I am finding creating posts is more enjoyable than I ever imagined.


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