Life Is One Big Adventure Of Discovery When You Are Only A Year Old

IMG_20180709_114323 (2)My niece seems to be developing certain little personality traits that make me wonder with fascination about her future.  At the moment she is collecting things -, all sorts of things – and is investigating everything in the hopes of making acquisitions.

I first noticed it when we were at the beach a couple of days ago.  She was picking up large round pebbles and piles of gritty stones to take home.  Alarmingly, after filling her pockets she decided she would pop a pebble into her mouth to carry it.

But now it is getting a bit personal.  She is always trying to grab my phone and the tablet I borrowed.   I have warned her that if she drops the tablet and smashes the screen, I am claiming her pocket money (whenever she starts to receive pocket money) as compensation.  She has even taken a fancy to my new sandals and she snoops inside my bag whenever she has the opportunity.

She is highly curious and seems to enjoy having her own little back pack to keep her findings as she is running out of room to keep her discoveries tucked into her socks.  Today she seemed to be collecting sticks.  When she is especially proud of her discovery, she presents it to her Mumma with great enthusiasm.

Today we decided to avoid the rain and watch “The Peanuts Movie” with her.  She grabbed the remote control and pressed pause and then ran off giggling.  She also absconded with the bucket of popcorn.  I love the little mischievous ideas that pop into her head.

Love her!  She has so much energy and is always investigating people and objects wherever we go.  Such a little adventurer.

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