I Cannot Compete With A One Year Old Child Who Can Walk Over Hot Coals

For the first time this summer I was at the beach today!  This is something my sister plans to correct this week so we have more days at the seaside planned.  Normally we are walking up mountains when I visit my sister, but partly because of the glorious weather and partly because of the addition to her little family, we are not being so ambitious about fell-walking right now.  I will be squeezing some walking in to the trip though.  You can’t really visit Snowdonia without paying your respects at some point to the hills!

Back to the beach though:

IMG_20180709_114022 (2)

Empty beach, looks perfect.  Little One was so excited!

As we stepped on to the beach though and my feet started to sink into what at first I though was sand, I realized it was more of a stony beach – a  mix of larger pebbles and tiny sharp gritty stones.  New sandals had to come off immediately as the stones would have scraped all of the rose gold from the leather straps.

So that left me and Milly walking bear feet and as Little One had shoes and socks on and her feet were also sinking into the stones, we allowed her to be bare footed also.  She loves walking.  She is so fast.  We were trying to keep tight hold of her which frustrated her in her excitement to get down to the water.

But this beach was not for the faint footed at all.  Warning: another feet photo ahead:

IMG_20180709_114906 (2)

All complaints about my feet can be forwarded directly to  Stephen T Stephen T the creator of Armageddon Cafe.  Stephen is now Official Visual Feet Complaints Handler.  He set the standard when he was brave enough to publish a photo of his own fine feet for the whole blogging world to see in his post below:


Now, I found walking on that beach excruciating, it just would have been more painful to ruin my beautiful sandals.  First there was the heat as the stones were baking hot with the sun’s scorching heat.  Then there was the sharp gritty material.  It was beyond any degree of beneficial exfoliating – it was torture!  I had to go slow!  I was gently nudging my feet into the stones so they were not on the hot surface but cooler stones below and then let the pressure of my body lean apply slowly so that I was not in too much pain.

But Little One!  Oh my goodness, her feet be made of steel or marble.  She was not bothered in the slightest either by the heat or the sharp stones, she was running and jumping and bending down and picking up handfuls of stones to collect.

I cannot comprehend how tough her feet  seem to be.  She was loving every moment and I was in agony all the way down to the sea.  I have a niece who could join the circus as a “Walking Over Hot Coals” act – do they have those in the circus?  It is so long since I went to the circus, I really am not sure.

The sea water was gorgeous.  A little cool to refresh us, but not at all cold.  Little One loved it!!!  She was so excited every time a wave came in towards us.  Squealing with delight as the water rushed over her toes.

IMG_20180709_114858 (2)

I feel a bit teary eyed that I am based in London so far away from Milly and her lovely family.  I would love to be around to see Little One growing up.

Aaaaaah sigh!


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