I Cannot Hear Myself Think!

Talk about a badly timed lunchbreak!

I had done so much that morning, my only remaining tasks for the day were to make tzatziki and hummus.

I had been working all morning and after trudging up the hill with £100 worth of food for a BBQ on Sunday that my landlady is throwing…she thought and I agreed that at 2pm I deserved a break.

However, this was just as the carpet cleaning men were making a start on my flat!

20180629_142156So there I am sitting in my little kitchenette trying to eat salad and checking my e-mails.  I was unfortunately sitting right next to the machine that was making all of the noise.  I guess it was pumping water through the pipes that were trailing across my flat.

I pulled out my lap-top and sat at my dining table trying to be inspired to write something fascinating.

I am sorry to say, it did not work!  The noise of that great big contraption was so loud and obtrusive, I gave  up on being inspired, I couldn’t look at posts from other bloggers properly, the roaring rumbling made it impossible to concentrate.

So I gave up concentrating.


…I did the only thing I could think of to help me cope with the disturbance to my peace. I opened the fridge and pulled out one of the donations made to me by recent dinner guests.  I poured it’s contents into a glass and I sipped it throughout my lunch break while the carpet cleaners completed their task.

There are occasional moments when it is so helpful to have a G&T waiting on standby in your chiller shelf to help you through without blowing a fuse.

The carpet looks great!