Petits Biscuits Français

Despite all our attempts to see the glass as half full, the silver outline to the storm clouds, and most importantly to do to others what you would like them to do to you…there are days when your toils seem vain and you come home heavy hearted.

Yesterday was…hmm…well, I guess it would be conservative to describe it as “disappointing”.  I don’t want to play the blame game, the name and shame game.  But I was not a happy bunny20180606_190238-1…and for good reason.  Yeah…I was disappointed with what I saw and heard.  It was one of those horrible days when you intensely want to walk out of your work-place and never go back again!

I came home and showered and put my pyjamas on (I finished work at 8pm, was home by 8.30pm, in my pyjamas by 9pm).  Always a nice feeling…”safety”…as if, nobody can get me now!  “I am in my pyjamas, that means NO!”  Even if I am not ready to go to sleep, pyjamas mean I am officially “off-duty”.

After such a hard day at work, I felt such a need for comfort or solace or something to cheer me up as I rested my weary bones. (I am not going to have a rant I promise you.)  I would have loved to have a glass of wine to sip to help me forget my troubles.  But I didn’t.  I don’t keep wine in the cupboard (that is one I learnt from my Dadda).  It would be too easy to turn to it on rainy days for comfort.  If you haCup Of Teave to walk down to the shops to buy some wine, you normally come across something to cheer you up on the way.

But I was in my pyjamas, so I was not going to walk to the shops to buy anything at this point.  So instead I made myself a cuppa and wondered if there was anything beside green leaves and crispbreads to cheer me up.

That is when I noticed the a little gift that my landlady brought me back from France recently.  She told me that they are a little bit like short bread.  Shortbread!!!  Seriously yum…but if my memory serves me correctly from home-economics class at school, it is equal parts flour, sugar and butter.  That makes something it I should be wary of!

Well…I opened the box and was pleasantly surprised to find that there were many individually wrapped packets of three super thin biscuits.  They have put all the joy back into short-bread.  I had three wafer thin petits biscuits français and avoided feeling any regret.

Simple little pleasure, simple little surprise.  Thank you France, for supplying a little sweet treat that comes wrapped up in moderate sized portions.   You have made me smile and allowed me to rest my head with a happy little thought cheering my heart.  Merci beaucoup!